Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Malakaῆang Thursdays at Blot Art Studio

A weekly event that gathers artists, musicians, and art enthusiasts happens at Blot Art Studio Makati.
Running on its Fourth Week, Malakaῆang Thursdays will now feature the sound artist Sleepersecond and a Didgeridoo performer Fitzroy.
In the previous weeks it had several artists to perform and share their talents to fellow artists.

Makati-based Japanese artist Atsuko Yamagata impressed the audience by performing her art which is live-painting accompanied by music. Yamagata expresses the music she hears and paints them on canvas. Every stroke and movement influenced heavily by the music and poetry in her background.
Bobby Balingit’s fascinating guitar performance accompanied Atsuko Yamagata’s work in order to create a painting that is created through her auditory environment.
Kooky Tuason, Marty Tengco, and Raul Roco Jr read poetry amidst music and live-painting.

The environment in Malakaῆang Thursday gives a cozy and warm invitation, with comfortable and uniquely made furniture by the artists themselves. It is a place where you can be surrounded by fascinating artworks and even witness how they’re made in action.

This event aims to create a community of artists that share and showcase their talents, to meet new artists and perhaps come up with collaborations in the future. It provides an alternative venue that deviates from other regular venues and offers a place where people can just chill, hang-out and meet artists in an intimate fashion. Whether you want to hear poetry while holding a beer in your hand or hear electronic-sound-art, then Malakaῆang Thursdays is something to look forward to each week.
See you Thursday at Malakaῆang!

Malakaῆang Thursday happens each week at 7PM - 12AM
Blot Art Studio
9726 Pililia St. corner Kalayaan Ave. Brgy Valenzuela, Makati City