Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fate will lead you to Libreria

How do you find something that's quite obscured from sight?

There was no sign, no name on the window pane of a quaint bookstore almost located at the end of Cubao Expo. Most of the time the people who frequent CubaoEx do not even know it exists. So a question I posed to the owner How do people find your store? Confidently she smiled and said
“People who are meant to find it will one way or another get here”
Of course I believed I was pre-determined to discover this place. Even a single drop of dew from a cold morning has significance.

The place is a cool cozy place where one can hang-out, drink coffee or buy Vodka from the neighboring stores and drink inside the shop while reading Hemingway or Edgar Allan Poe. They have brewed coffee which only costs P50 with refills, what could be better than that?
The diversity of the book collection is quite astounding and most of them are sold at a fraction of a cost, even going for P50 for pre-loved books.
Most of the conversations I had in Libreria are meaningful ones and the people who frequent the place are never boring, there's always something interesting that catches my eyes and even staying in silence can be rewarding.

Recently I have been dropping by the place and have made it my new office, I get to have free wifi, unlimited coffee, AC and people whom I can have good conversations with. Sometimes when the nights are good, Triccie, the owner, would open a bottle of wine, death-defying marble brownies and since the season’s giving birth to tikoy, we had fried tikoy the other day. The marble brownies are for sale, I got first dibs for free.

Currently the Bookstore will be having a soiree for organizing a book-club this coming February 3, 5pm onwards. Exclusively for people who want to join, preferably people who love to read, loves to eat and to drink wine. I will also be reading one of my poems from an earlier collection for the soiree. Please bring wine or fruits for the event and also for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now lives in UP Bliss

And I am now living in UP Bliss. The miserable landlady just couldn’t find her happiness so her embittered life seeks to embitter others but she messed with the wrong person or shall I say persons? I was fine with moving out and leaving the place, I asked a couple of friends if I could borrow a suitcase to put my stuff in and my friend said he could lend me a few, he also offered to help me pack up. 

So we met in Gateway and there I explained everything on what happened. The landlady lent money to a friend of mine and apparently my friend didn’t pay her completely back and so her lack of logical reasoning compelled her to transfer the debt to me, she wants me to take responsibility on what happened when in fact she should have asked vital information first before lending anyone money. She didn’t even ask for my friend’s name when she handed the money and I wasn’t there as well and then she wants me to pay it back. She’s setting herself up for a huge heartbreak then is shocked and hurt when the expected happens. What a douche…

 Apparently her brain hasn’t completely grown yet, that’s not the only thing that hasn’t really grown with her body but moving on I don’t owe her anything as far as anyone’s concerned. She told me to leave the money with the maids since she doesn’t want to be there when I’m packing and taking my sweet release. I told her perhaps we can talk about it and the troll refused, even called me insensitive then she expressed how pissed she was that I’m having fun with my life and enjoying it. That’s the difference between us, I’m happy – she’s miserable. 

Funny thing was when she was texting me about how I should move out, instead of feeling a sense of dread, I was laughing in our office. Thank you Equanimity. I didn’t care if she won't give my deposit back, I wanted out of that place for a long time, I was just consuming the last days that was already paid for.
Meeting my friend at gateway, as planned, we took the MRT at around 6:40PM. While waiting for the train to arrive I realized my friend was a male… then the train arrived and that we had to get in the commons car.
Brambleberry: I seriously wished you were a girl right at this moment (Glances at the front cars for women/handicapped/senior citizens/privileged lesbians)

Friend: I know right? (Car door opens and a swarm of people tries to get in and out, making the door seem quite puny and small)
Brambleberry: Argh! This is worse than getting kicked out of CGS!! D: (And it was, packing out of CGS was a breeze)

We spent the next few minutes in forced *Dr. Kwak-Kwak yoga positions with strangers breathing to our necks and armpits. That was one of the rarest moments I ever took the commons car, last time was when the same friend and I went to divisoria, which wasn’t as bad as this one if I remember correctly and that was a year ago.

Arriving at Shaw Blvd. Station, it was a miracle we could still walk and stand straight. We went to CGS, waited a bit since I didn’t have the key to the unit since my landlady changed the locks and didn’t even have the decency to give me a spare key but honestly I didn’t expect much coming from her.

My friend and I started packing in a gay manner and no stress at all. The guard did slow us down a bit but released us anyhow. The sasquatch landlady told me to leave 1k in which I don’t really understand since she owe me more than that for my deposit, she texted me a message of what seemed to be a computation of some sort with the debt of my other friend but I couldn’t grasp it since it was in Jejemon.

I don’t speak and understand jejemon unfortunately and my friend said I shouldn’t leave her any amount at all. Which is just true, the landlady was truly delusional.
Conclusion in a big shell: Delusional people get hurt a lot.

Smoothly without breaking a sweat a taxi came over the building and so we left quickly, I tried the admin of CGS to report the illegal landlady however the admin was already closed, I don’t know if I should report it but a lot of friends of mine told me I should, I know it’s the right thing to do too. Up to now I still haven’t reported it, so perhaps tomorrow.

After loading my things to UP Bliss, which I must add, was my lesbian-aunt’s-life-partner’s-sister’s place. I treated my friend with coffee in Maginhawa.
The retarded landlady, after discovering that I didn’t leave her claimed money, was so enraged she tried calling me and sent me a message that didn’t really manage to sink in my memory, fortunately my mobile phone fell into a comatose. She started calling my friend’s number since we called her earlier on the phone for her to speak with the guard at the lobby building. 

Unfortunately for her, my friend was in the mood to get his mean-bitch fix this month and well the landlady turned out to be his virtual punching bag. Now he has someone to annoy in the future. He was actually “kilig” during their exchange of text messages.

Friend: Are you like Om Shanti right now?
Brambleberry: Yeah, I don’t really care. (Pretty much my mood most of the time)
Friend: Can you like really be mean this moment and just do your Om Shanti later?

They had a wonderful text messaging conversation, it was FLIP-TOP TEXT Message Edition and as expected my friend had succeeded. Such feeble minded lady does not stand a chance, I felt sorry for her. She’s just so miserable, bitter, unhappy and lonely.

Friend: You’re landlady is one retarded crazy bitch.
Brambleberry: She makes a good writing material (smiles, the bright side)

I am now happily staying at my aunt’s place in UP Bliss and very much enjoying it. I am currently abusing Trinoma’s sluggish excuse for a wifi connection and working remotely.

Monday, January 24, 2011

How to achieve Vegan Powers

I was rather excited to start my year with the movies I’ve always wanted to see.  I thought I was going to start it with SAW6 but a friend of mine who was going to lend it to me probably had forgotten about it. I downloaded the movie in our office. I thought it was alright to download anything in the office but then my boss asked me why my bandwidth exceeded 2GB in 2 days when the articles I send doesn’t even exceed 1MB. After that, I refrained from downloading anything from our office.

I had a great start with -

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Currently holds my no. 1 position under MOVIES for the year of 2011. It’s a must watch and I really enjoyed every minute of the story. If my life were a movie, it would be this one.
The movie kicks off with a guy most of the geeks could probably relate to, in which I did. Although I’m not exactly scrawny or in a band, the story revolves around Scott who must fight his new girlfriend’s 7 evil-exes. Cholo, a friend of mine, mentioned that the comic book was hilarious but the movie was also amazing.
The movie restored the quirky videogame sound effects which can easily be referenced to Super Mario Brothers from the SNES console and other popular Nintendo games from the ‘90s. Who wouldn’t forget Mario’s 1up sound effects? Aside from awesome nostalgic sounds, the movie also expressed it s decent graphic effects reminiscent from classic comic books, the words POW, BLAM and others to appear smoothly during the scenes. There are a lot of retarded scenes that I loved, especially the part where the drummer girl would shoot herself in the head with her fingers formed as though a gun and the words BLAM would appear then she would drop dead.

Most of all the characters’ sense of humor captured the teen sarcasm and whimsical personalities of the teens and early adolescents. The stereo-typing was done in a hilarious way, throwing in gay and lesbians, vegans, action-stars and so much more. What caught my attention was the Chinese Ex-girlfriend stereo type, it affirmed my conclusion that Chinese girls are crazy especially if you dated them. Then again, I know it’s a wrong judgment, I only dated one Chinese girl and she’s not even full, she’s half Chinese/Filipino and I hope she goes back to Hong Kong for good after she graduates college this year, so she could stop creating havoc and drama all over the place. Scratch the judgment, I’m sure there are nice and sweet Chinese girls out there. I’ll just avoid dating them to be certain they remain nice and sweet.
Unfortunately, this movie wasn’t shown in the Philippines. However, we are Filipinos – We are smart enough to find ways and see this retardedly-awesome movie. Go and see it!

I would really love to read the comic book but I don't have the time, perhaps when I finish my projects! :B

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Starving Writer and Starving Painter

Tuesday January 18, 2011

The Plan: KKB style dinner with Zeus Bascon (Starving Painter) and yours truly (Starving Writer)

After making me wait for 45 minutes in Ayala, I told Zeus I'm going back to Mandaluyong. I wasn't in the waiting mood (I got tired of staring at the cats in Bioresearch) and it seemed that what he's doing at the exhibit took longer than I thought. So I went back to my place in Mandaluyong, I could have waited longer but my mobile phone was dying, no place to charge so I went back. I was a bit upset but I let it go. Thankfully he dropped by my place and bought me Green Tea Latte (After complaining that I wasted my time and effort hehe), he was forgiven.

So we decided to meet in starbucks in Edsa Central, took Neomi with me in case there was wifi connection available, unfortunately Starbucks doesn’t have wifi, they really are patronized for their coffee. They don’t need wifi to attract their customers but it would certainly help if that branch had wifi connection.
He was fixing some things in WhiteSpace Makati for an upcoming exhibit in which I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend to, despite my word telling him I would. I do have my reasons.

I was the one who ordered our drinks as he sat outside the cafĂ© smoking, on the far table were two lesbians, I know they’re lesbians because my gaydar sense tingled. Lining up, there was another lesbian behind me, there were lesbians everywhere… I thought the lesbian couples at the far table were cute, I saw them kiss. I realized people are quite tolerating or is it just me, I was sure no one eyed them in a weird way when they kissed and they weren’t really shy to hide their relationship from the crowd.

Zeus is one of the people whom I can easily talk about everything and he’s one of the people I hang out with a lot. We talked about our projects recently and on how things are looking up for the both of us, starving artists marvel at the face of projects and opportunities because if we don’t do, we don’t eat. That is the tragic reality we face daily. He said he probably can’t work as an employee as to what I have managed to as of the moment. The truth of the matter is, I’m not really a fan of being an employee and I suppose I can tolerate it, since there are a lot of restrictions and rules when working for someone.

Although it may be quite hard to admit and I may not look it, behind this goody-two-shoes look is a badass employee who doesn’t bend the rules but ignore them. I go to work late, I leave early, I take 3-4 hour breaks and eat kimchi fried rice and what nots in my working area. A friend of mine told me it’s a miracle I’m not fired yet. My boss is too kind I suppose and my work is output basis or should I say, I’m just that good.

We spent hours talking over coffee while watching SAW 6 on my laptop, just the perfect movie to discuss my dating habits and on how we are focusing on our careers and not on our lovelives.

Around midnight we have decided to leave the coffee shop and go back to our respective modern caves. He asked if he could charge his phone at my place first before taking the bus to laguna. As we were walking to my place a bus passed and dropped a stick of balloons. It was one of those lame and tacky small balloons tied in one stick, which boyfriends who have no idea what to give their girlfriends on valentines day buy. He gave it to me and we had a funny thought that I will introduce him as my boyfriend when we arrive at the unit in CGS. The people in my unit are having the suspicion that I was gay so it is only apt to mess around with their heads. My landlady will definitely have another reason to be depressed and unhappy with her
bitter lonely life.
It was only our maid who saw us come in that night, we remained by the door and talked about spirituality and the end of the world until 2AM. Then I walked him to the bus stop.

The next morning our maid asked if the guy I was with the night before was my boyfriend, I placed the stick balloons at the end of my bed. I told her that he was my boyfriend as I tried very hard not to laugh on the idea. It didn’t take long before the people in the household got a hold of the news.

Though in reality it will never come to be since I am gay, I like my friendship with him(I think friendship is better than a relationship) and despite the fact that some women claimed they have dated me before, I have only dated a few women and I would like to keep it that way. Zeus on the other hand claimed disinterest in men and attraction for women and he complains often about gay men hitting on him.

I don't mind women claiming they have dated me before, especially when they're hot but the thing is I don't date a lot.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The new GirlFriend...

Yes, it was hard to sort of jump immediately into another relationship after Persephone (PSP) broke up with me, she had a busted memory since I took her well being for granted and didn’t handle her well enough and so our relationship had to end. I dropped her for the 467th time. Although of course I still have the will to patch things up and get things fixed but she got buried with all the things I’ve been doing recently. Maybe someday, I’ll gain the nerves to say hello once again, which will only come the need arise.
I thought perhaps I don’t need her as much. We haven’t touched for months, I wonder how her buttons are doing.

Moving on, I’ve always thought of something to help me out on my career. I’m not a fan of moleskin notebooks and the fact that I make personalized or customized notebooks has nothing to do with it. I am not proud of my handwriting but I do keep a journal and write whenever I can.

Meet the new girlfriend with Dual Core processor and a decent 250GB of hard disk memory and 2GB DDR3 memory, her name is Neomi, apparently she doesn’t have a last name so I wouldn’t mind giving her mine. Meet Neomi L*****, she’s quite uncomfortable with me sharing her vital statistics online but she’s decent and lovely if you ask me.
Doesn’t eat, doesn’t talk, loves music and movies, also reads ebooks and most importantly, she accompanies me with my writing and is very supportive of me finishing my projects. I don’t have to worry about taking her to fancy restaurants or even sharing the wine bottle with her and at least in this relationship only one will be having monthly PMS issues, which of course, I bet she can handle it pretty well.
No, drama, at least nothing will definitely start from her.

Mind you, it took me 2 days scouring up the stores in Megamall, MOA and Park Square 1 only to find this gorgeous beauty. I had second thoughts and doubts of really crossing the rubicon with this one and I weighed my options, imagined my future with her.
My previous relationship with Persephone wasn’t exactly painful, it wasn’t the thing that held me back into entering this relationship but rather, there was this fear that held me…
Getting Neomi was quite a big decision and I’m not into making big decisions.
It was said that commitment phobic people such as I am (I’m not proud, honestly) most often than not have hard times making big decisions. Big decisions include buying a car, house, iPad or any electric gadget despite the fact that they have invested so much for the purchase or preparation. I have hard times even just by deciding what to eat from the menu, it’s troubling.
But this move I did over the weekend of not letting the fear over come me is one of my baby steps into busting out my phobia… That solved my solution for this year, next move to disperse my phobia will be next year.

My weekends and after-work hours will now then be dedicated to finishing my writing projects. Ugh… dead line.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Attack of the lesbians...

Hm, after waking up half dazed from a night filled with wine and lesbians… my mornings just keep getting better.

And no, it’s not what you think.

Last saturday night was my friend’s sister’s birthday celebration and there was a dinner party. It wasn’t just any… dinner party.
The evening started as:
Brambleberry (Moi): Why are we sitting here?? (Looks around and found herself in the middle)
Clarice: Yeah, we’re in the center of attention/attraction. Everyone’s taking pictures of us. We’re like celebrities!! (Flashes coming from everywhere)
Brambleberry: That’s not what I meant, there are lesbian couples on my left and on my right! (Smiles for the photos)
Clarice: (Laughs) Yes! You’re right, you’re the only single lesbian here! (My friend is straight)
Brambleberry: This dinner party is SO lesbian, is this why you invited me here?… Yes, I know I’m a public temptation and I’d like to keep it that way.
**The party was so… lesbian, vegetarian food were also served.
Carlo, the yoga instructor and also a dolphin trainer (I learned a bit later on) was puzzled with the lesbian couple on our left.
He told us that he didn’t knew Tita Teng(One of the guests who was the mother of one of the lesbian couples) had two daughters. She introduced the lesbian couple to Carlo.
Carlo: I thought you just have one daughter??
Tita Teng: No… I have two…
Carlo: How so? (Very confused, it appeared he didn’t have gaydar)
Tita Teng: Oh, it’s complicated.
Uh huh.. complicated hehe. Tita Teng is one proud mother by the way, err, maybe not.
A bit later on, Clarice, Carlo and I were sitting at a table and to our right would be the lesbian couples and to our left were the yogis, most of them at least the age of 45 and one of them was Tita Teng. I thought the night wasn’t as gay as I thought, the videoke machine was all the rage for the yogis. Suddenly one of them holding the songbook gave the microphones to where the lesbian couples were sitting and said “Oh ano kakantahin nyo? Pagdating ng Panahon?!”
That effing line killed me to death with laughter.
After hearing that, my friend mentioned that one of the lesbian in those couples had an ex-girlfriend who looked exactly like Aiza Seguera. Wine almost shot out of my nose.
Apparently, conversations about Aiza Seguera were expounded.
My friend’s mom said Seguera sings well.
Clarice:  Yes, she sings from the heart. With love (She looked at me when she mentioned love with a sheepish smile)
Brambleberry: Love? What’s that? (Totally clueless, )

In the party there was a guy who’s called “Tibo”, “Tibs” for short and to make matters even more genuine, my friend’s dad’s name is “Butch”.

And so I must cut this pretty lesbian evening short since Clarice and Carlo have started to unearth my dating life. I went to bed after a few glasses of sangria around 2am in the morning.

Still in Zambales for the week, it seems that my cough has gotten worse over the weekend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Retreating to the northern mountains

After long hours of journey, I finally arrived at the Bus Terminal, where my friend, Clarice has been waiting. Thankfully after several times of visiting, this time she came first.  Stepping out of the bus gave me the feeling that I was in a strange land, but a strange land quite familiar. A southern like me still feels peculiar in these places.

Taking a few steps from the bus’s door I heard a voice call out from behind and as I turned I saw my friend in a gray hooded jacket and pink tube undergarment, a pair of pants and walking shoes. I was quite veggie headed all day and had no idea how I came about with things. I would say words I barely understand and type in sentences that barely made sense… I was afraid I’m having aphasia.

Focusing on the moment, we greeted each other with a friendly hug “You’re wearing PE?!” she exclaimed and as I remembered I didn’t have clothes anymore therefore I wore the PE shirt a friend of mine gave me back in college, aside from the sentimental bitter memories this shirt has, I like this shirt for its fit and comfort. “Yeah, I am. Dovie gave it to me” I said and mentioned a name I haven’t spoken for so many years “It’s alright, I’m wearing a hound’s tooth coat” I wore the coat over the shirt since the season has become quite chilly. “I like your coat…” she said “So catcher in the rye right?” I replied.
“You’re leaving that here” she said “What?!” I gave out quite a repulsed reaction, which only my closest friends have the luxury to witness. “No way!”
We met one of her friend who was a yoga instructor.
We had dinner at subway, where I only had cocoa and a cookie while she had the veggie delight sandwich and went to their place after having quite a long talk and interesting conversation about my landlady.
“There’s a party tomorrow, did you bring clothes?” my friend asked (It's her sister's birthday)
“Yes, I did…” I answered.
“My sister and her girlfriend don’t know you’re here.” She added
“Great…” my mischievous smile emerged.

Arriving at their place, I was bitten by their male dog Black, Once on the hand and once on the leg, it wasn't deep to cause injury. However it was awfully weird of him doing that since I've been here for at least a couple of times. The dogs each time I come back keep on increasing in numbers, White, a female dog with dalmatian blood had given birth to puppies once again but only a black-brown-white puppy was now left. 
I gave him the name Alto although I would have liked Delmonico, but they complained about the name's length. They own 2 dutch-hounds, princess and yulu, a german-shepherd couple, Mac and Virka, White and Black which is an additional 2 with Alto makes a total of 7 dogs. 

The next day came and apparently we woke up quite early, I could have slept again but I felt quite rested anyway and thought I might as well move around at 6am. Clarice had to cook and prepare for the party and I thought, perhaps I could help out. After a serving of peanut butter sandwich and another with cream cheese and pickles an hour later, I was recharged and ready for the day.

Each morning, whenever I visit, I make it a point to pet the dogs and walk Virka. Then I wash my hands and arms for they're most probably seem as though they were dipped in dog-drool.

After trying to help a bit around the kitchen, I have decided to relax and watch The girl with the dragon tattoo.
I visit my friend a couple of times a year in the mountain ranges of Olongapo City. Her mom is a Vegan and she is a vegetarian :)

She owns a catering Business called Fidro's. They cater to parties, gatherings and any occasions. She cooks, bakes and churns, all of these she works with love.
She make terrific Cheese Cakes.

For food and catering services around Olongapo and Subic Area...
Contact Clarice 09163982941 Please don't  call after office hours. Much appreciated. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally found it!!

I knew there was something about what I felt today when I woke up this morning. To my gayness I decided to cook vegetarian mechado for breakfast then realized it would last me the whole day, which is perfect since I would be traveling quite a distance later after work and I just know I would starve.

I deliberately escaped from work for a good 45 minutes to take a break and look at earphones in the nearest mall from the office. Before going to where the earphones are, I decided to drop by at one of the thrift book shops and was looking for a light book to read for traveling later. It wasn’t too long when I noticed a hardbound edition of The Angel of Darkness looking down at me from the top shelves.
My short search is over, I now have the book in my hands! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

I bought the book, though it was quite expensive and huge since it’s a hardbound copy, I was still very happy to hold it in my hands!

The angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr

The story continues after the previous book The Alienist however in this new grappling story of mystery and murder is now told by Dr. Laszlo Kreizler’s boy, Stevie Taggert.

I think I forgot the earphones... :U
Beautiful Day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Strange case of...

My first flame, or shall we call, tween-lover just got married last December.
I would have loved to see her walk down the aisle, nonetheless she has my best wishes.
Once again, I have Facebook to thank for certain announcements such as assassins committing the procedure of their work with a snapshot and this, her wedding photos.
Of all the people I actually adored, she was nice, gentle, she was sensitive in a good way and very kind although I couldn’t appreciate her sense of humor sometimes... other than that she’s quite a terrific person. We shared dreams that were inevitably thrown into the darkest pits of oblivion, which is perfectly fine.

Marriage such as this one, required a faithful commitment does it not? It brought me to the idea of the root cause of my spontaneous walking out of relationships and other misdemeanors, together with that profound amazement of demoralization and the reduced satisfaction of Aristotle’s “Eureka”… I am commitmentphobic.

It is quite a misconception that people who are afraid of commitments are only afraid to get hurt.

If you think people who’re afraid of commitments are those who really know what it means and or that they are simply afraid to get hurt, I suggest you read more. The information you have gathered is quite lacking. “Blackle” it even if you will…
I have, for your convenience, enabled the link to wikipedia for your reading pleasure.

Our current society breeds myriad varieties of human species, therefore my case is not exactly as engrossing as anyone else. I suppose it’s good that I’m aware… rather than stumbling through life without knowing. 

I'm not really a jerk, i'm just suffering from a personality disorder. 

Congratulations Lev. I wish you the best.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This year's Firsts

A brand new year has come yet the feeling that clothed the days after the last of 2010 felt almost the same, though we believe for this to be the current year where the dates written everywhere will definitely have a bit of change.

With a faithful belief that this is the beginning of a year, wishing it to be a wonderful and beautiful year then it’s only just to treat it as it is.

For my first book this year, continuing my Classic reads would be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned. After reading The Great Gatsby, I thought I’d like to read the rest of his works. 

The Beautiful and Damned

I am thinking for Black Swan or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my very first movie that I’m going to watch from beginning ‘til the end this year. Perhaps I’ll go for Black Swan first then The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo next on the same day. Which will be this coming Saturday.

Black Swan
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Euro Version)
I was sort of disappointed with the cast of the European version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but I know I would enjoy watching the movie when they speak in their original tongue and I read the English subtitles at the base of the screen. 

Then again, I was happy to find out that in the Hollywood Version, they took Daniel Craig as the lead role! I knew it... It was just as how I imagined it to be haha! But the Hollywood release would be on December 2011. 
The Movie trilogy was already released by the Europeans starting just last year. Isn't Hollywood rather a few steps behind? I suppose I'd like watching their version since Blomkvist in the European version has a face of the moon's crater.
The question still remains... Who will play Lisbeth Salander for the Hollywood version?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 books of 2010

So I bid farewell to 2010 and closes it with my top 10 books selection of the year.

10. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure)
The first book in the Sleeping beauty trilogy, with Anne Rice writing under a pseudonym. Not one of my favorites but I thought the opening chapters were nicely written. I know it’s an erotic novel but it didn’t amuse me, perhaps erotic novels just aren’t my cup of tea. This is quite too much for my taste however I couldn’t get over Prince Charming’s brutality and elegance at the same time.
9. Persepolis I
Amusing, I really like this book and its illustrations. Here lies the youth of Marjane Satrapi, a woman who was born and raised in Iran during the never ending conflicting war within their country.
Entertaining and funny, it takes away the tragic connotation of war, oppression and death. Sprinkling it with a bit of sarcasm and Satrapi’s criticism of her very own government.
If you’re an activist by heart then this book is a must read.

8. Persepolis II
In this book continues Marjane Satrapi’s autobiography in comic strips. She was sent to Europe to study and there she lost more than just her virginity.
Not as amusing as the first book but it’s the sequel, it puts the end to ending.

7. Animal Farm by George Orwell       
It was as though the history of the Philippines was re-written as a fable. Classic and witty, I almost wept when Boxer was taken away. Sometimes almost depressing yet it was faithful to the realities of political corruption and deception. Good for people who are starting to take the pleasure of reading.

6. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
A story of teen rebellion, angst and depression, here’s a boy who doesn’t know what he likes but know what he doesn’t like. A critic to the culture of America’s high elites, exposing their hypocrisy through the window of a child’s eyes

5. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Unhappy marriages (after more than 50 years, nothing has changed. Marriages are still quite unhappy) and the same dream Americans try to fool themselves, set after the first World War I. Love found and lost in its most tragic circumstance and no one to stand up and take the blame.

It’s a good story but there are a lot of better novels out there about crime fiction or murder mystery than this one. Nonetheless it’s still quite a good read, I just wouldn’t spend my money on this one. I’m very grateful this was a gift.

3. The man who mistook his wife for a hat by Oliver Sacks
An analytical eye for the human subconscious and soul, the drama and tragic tale of people disfigured figuratively. People in pieces, for the lack of remembering others and worse, even themselves.
A peek at the world of people’s sanity thrown out the window and their personal search for every day meaning.

2. Blood and Gold by Anne Rice
It was both passion and his rupturing love that drove Marius to leave the love of his life and embrace the permanent aspect of his perpetual loneliness. Here, he tells his story to Thorne, a fledgling of the new embodiment of “Those who must be kept”.
Marius de Romanus’s rich and enthralling past of a foolish yet eloquent man battling his conflicts within and with his weakness… Pandora.
New stories and puzzles that fits sensibly with Anne Rice’s previous novels and her Vampire Chronicles.

1. The Alienist by Caleb Carr
Set at the latter part of the 18th century, New York, Alienist Dr. Lazslo Kreisler was commissioned to investigate gruesome murders regarding immigrant children butchered in the most inhumane ways.
The era where psychopaths and the use of psychology to profile murderers were fairly modern and the idea of serial killers begin to emerge.
John Moore, the narrator aids Dr. Kreisler in the search for this dangerous killer. Posing real threat to this face of New York, infested with immigrants coming from all corners of the globe and lodging themselves in the city’s foulest and poorest tenements while the political government and church, control and maintain the city’s rotten status quo.
Dark and Vintage… the great kind.
I am on the search for the story's sequel The Angel of Darkness by the same author. If you happen to have a copy, I am very much willing to make a trade.

For the year of 2011, I welcome it with a good read of The beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald.