Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cockroach Massacre Story By Carlo J. Caparas

I’ve recently moved to this cozy place in Quezon City and out of UP Bliss Diliman. It was a quiet neighborhood where people with huge houses live. Much to my shame I live on the street of people with penurious lifestyles while there were beautifully designed homes around us.

Walking past our gate yesterday, I pulled out my keys and commenced on opening the front door, not to my surprise a cockroach have escaped from the bottom crack of the door as though it was running away from something. As I noticed cans of bug spray lay near the dumpster of our gate.
Our occasional servants have planned to exterminate our apartment that day and they didn’t even inform me and my roommate about it. I did complain about it and I am quite happy they finally did something about it.

The cockroach unfortunately has met a tragic fate of kissing the sole of my boot to death. Oh, stomp I did with pleasure. I know before I am against killing cockroaches, but things have changed.
I have to unlock a doorknob and another lock to open the door, when I was done with the first one two cockroaches escaped from the door crack again and yes, they too have met the same fate as the first one.

It was lovely I thought, so I hurried to open the door, placed my backpack on the nearest sofa, turned on the lights to see the wriggling cockroaches of varying sizes on the floor. I have never seen so many cockroaches in my life. I began to stomp on those that proved to be alive and moving still.

Then I retreated to the room upstairs and relaxed, killing anything that moves and crosses my path.

I didn’t dare take photos since it was gory and gruesome. I believe there were hundreds of cockroaches that lay dead on the floor, including the bathroom floor that my roomie didn’t even bother to take a bath that night.

Nice workout though…

I didn't dare sweep the dead cockroaches on the floor, the occasional servants have swept them and cleaned the floor and scrubbed it this morning.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I haven’t been able to update my blog since there were a lot of things that needed to be taken cared of physically in different places. I was needed in a lot of places and it is physically impossible to be in two places at the same time. Therefore scheduling and allotting my days scrupulously was necessary.

Not to worry, things will clear soon and shots of what I’ve been doing will be uploaded. In the mean time, go ahead and shop for raincoats since the traditional umbrella is boring.

Say hello to the rainy season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Betrosexuals : The word betrayal only sexier

Are you a Betrosexual?

I've recently encountered the word and it caught my interest, I actually encountered it through work because of necessary research.

You may be a betrosexual once in your life but what exactly is it? As the title suggest, is it a person who get their kicks and fix by betraying people?
The answer is no but it's close to that.

A Betrosexual is actually a person who presents herself as the opposite sex over the internet. Meaning the first person on your facebook page could really be the opposite sex, unless you really know them.
There are a lot of Betrosexuals online, especially in chat rooms where people go when they want to have cyber sex without video... or something.

Before when MIRC was the only chat available, others would present themselves as the opposite sex to have online chat boyfriends and girlfriends.
Most Betrosexuals are actually homosexuals in real life. The percentage of gay men presenting themselves as women online is higher than lesbians presenting themselves as men, I know this because my two guy friends were actual victims. They felt betrayed and never spoke to their supposed online girlfriends... which of course made me crack up and whenever I think about it, I laugh. Cellphones back then were a luxury so MIRC was the hottest thing when it comes to socializing and social networks didn't exist yet, so people who were regular to MIRC chat probably know every line of codes and they have their own personal websites to present themselves to their chatmates conveniently.

Is it a bad thing?
I guess, since there was a gay man who was bludgeoned to the brink of life and death because he deceived he's online boyfriend and the boyfriend didn't really take it on the light side. But that deals more on the homophobic and barbaric side of the guy.

Not all betrosexuals stay that way. It's probably just a phase where a few of us go through especially in our contemporary world where a virtual world literally exists.
MMORPG like Gaia have a lot of betrosexual players, there are reasons why they want to present themselves as the opposite sex and who am I to question them?

Although it is clearly deceiving, I suppose it's harmless...
Is it safe to say that Betrosexuals are online trannies?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Recently, I have been preoccupied with a sort of obsessive compulsion that deals with books and reading them is not the only thing I do with them and it's not what you think (perv).
I have a lot of plans with the piles of books boxed and lying around my apartment somewhere in Metro Manila, in the mean time I want to share this very interesting online book.


It piqued my interest because of the macabre surreal illustrations and unconventional definition of the English Alphabet.

Drawn in Blood?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All the Kittens and Babies are Dying on the Face of the Planet

Hopefully before you jerk tears out of those optical ducts of yours, perhaps an episode of Anyone But Me could stifle the fluids from secreting.

Anyone But Me is a lesbian web series for teens that can be watched on Youtube and each episode lasts less than ten minutes. I don’t think I would still appreciate it even if I were ten years younger although I must say one of the girls was cute in which it made me just want to watch the series on MUTE.

Teen Dyke Drama for Free. The story begins with Vivian, who will move to a new place particularly 30 Minutes away from her girlfriend Aster, oh the tragedy! (Sarcasm intended) They would have to go to different schools and have different set of friends, they would argue over petty things and will not speak to one another and all those stupid things.

They still get to see each other over weekends though, Vivian going to New York to hang with Aster.
Vivian and her dad are moving to her step-mothers place which of course is another pot of tension boiling. The step-mother is neurotic and is probably the only character in the series that has personality.

Let’s stop wasting time since the writers have made it so predictable on how it will end anyway. The jokes are delivered by zombies and I feel like anytime soon cicadas would fill my head because of the isolated sounds of their speeches, as if nothing is ever happening in the surroundings. The couple don't have chemistry and seriously, the scrawny girl Vivian looked like Aster's wingman... and not a girlfriend.

Why don’t Filipinos make a webseries or webisodes such as this? This is the future of tv series, anyone can watch it whenever it is most convenient for them. Though the awesome commercials would be skipped. And it can be seen by people all over the world.

Calling all film makers and the likes in the land who would like to make an LGBT webseries for the local LGBT group in the Philippines!
Ehem, I’m a writer… Ehem.

Monday, May 2, 2011

This Ad Made Me Want to Cut My Hair...

Although I loved the ad, it didn't really convince me to buy the perfume...

I'm still waiting for that urge to make me run to the next salon and have a hair-cut. Still waiting...