Thursday, July 21, 2011

Veronica Answers Follower's Questions

Highschool was a very awkward and confusing period of my life. I didn’t know how to get along well with others and I was always misunderstood. Though life was easy, I wouldn’t exchange the future for the past. There were a lot of moments that I fail to recall and I don’t feel as if I lost half of my life, I’m glad it’s over.
My dreams then were less molded and I never really wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be a game designer – which was also quite different with what I wanted when I was in elementary.
I wanted to go to Digipen University in Michigan. I told my mom about it and she said that I should prepare for everything that I would need. My relatives were already citizens in the US and after a while, half of my family followed for good.
At the age of 15 I’ve tinkered with game designing software and have created a few games for my own and my friends’ amusement. From pixel sprites to programming languages such as PEARL, RUBY and scripts, I studied them all on my own. I also launched my own first website back then for the hell of it.
One of the games I created was an RPG based game which was deliberately short in order to simply send a message. It was titled “Stringed Memories”. I still have the game with me and it can be installed on any computer as long as the Operating System is Windows (Works with Windows 7 as well despite being created almost ten years ago) If you want the game, message me and I will give you the installer setup file which was about 20 Megabytes.
The game starts with a little story, sequence or cut scene and you can control the character easily. Roam around a fictitious town/world I created and talk to people who represent real people that I know. Each time you talk to a person is a message I want to send out. Sometimes a poem or just a mere story would be told by 2 dimensional characters I’ve taken the pain to create by painting every pixel.
Why do all this you ask? I did it because I was in love or I don’t know, maybe I just really have a wild imagination and was driven to certain creative lengths under the illusion of liking someone. There was a girl in highschool and that girl every summer, would go to another country for the whole period. I didn’t just want to send her a simple letter or e-mail so I went ahead and created an RPG game for her. Yes, I’m monumental and perhaps it was a way on how I could release this modern romantic part of me that’s dying to come out.

I was also a member of the High-school art club with Zeus Bascon and thought perhaps I could also divert to illustration and cartooning. I also made comics on the side. This art club of ours was in charge of any visual artistic creation necessary for any sort of production in school – from the theatrical productions down to several school events, we’ve won several competitions against the local and regional schools in the province.

I did a lot of crazy things back then and what does this has to do with me answering the questions of my followers and readers? This is merely a small portion of my life that may or may not have mattered at all. The context of it I believe would not at all be very similar to another human being. I will answer all questions according to what my life has taught me in the past and the present.

Moving on here are the questions I’ve answered and not answered personally so I’m answering them right here. I would like to say that I’m very happy and touched warmly by those who bought my book and were kind enough to send out a feedback.

Veronica, I keep reading one of your poems [Breaking Silence] and this question seems to plague me. I do believe in forever but how do I prevent two people from getting tired of loving each other? I don’t want to fall in the dull routine of relationships where love seems to fade away.
-Falling Out Girl

I have accidentally deleted the original question so I tried to dig up my mind and hopefully my half-dead neurons served me just right. I also added a cheesy anonymous pseudonym if you don’t mind.
Love is a very complex matter and I for one can’t exactly answer that. I am not an oracle of love I’m afraid.
I always loved the movie “Big Fish” with Ewan Mcgregor. It was about a cynic man’s dying idealistic and romantic father. It’s very inspiring and heartwarming and I don’t mind watching it over and over. I won’t get tired of it. I do recommend watching it.
The father believed in courage, justice and undying love which seem to prove true with the story. He did love the guy’s mother forever or until his last breath. The father never cheated despite a woman spreading her legs before him – that’s right! In the face of temptation and a chance of ill-devotion he turned his back and said he loves his wife! Don’t worry he could be the real life’s unicorn but there are people out there who would do the same – *cough* like me *cough*.

Before he married his wife he actually worked for a circus because he wanted to know more about the girl who he’ll marry someday. His pay at the circus only consist of one fact each month about the girl such as “She likes daisies” - upon hearing such information the father would giggle and his eyes would sparkle with fulfillment and he scooped up elephant feces and cleaned disgusting cages for years just to get enough information about the girl. He seemed like a guy in a cheesy movie – because he IS.

Too bad they didn’t have google or facebook back then where you can easily check someone’s profile and almost everything will be laid out for you. No more scooping of elephant or buffalo dung, it’s easy!

If you are as naïve, as romantic as the father in the movie and are a strong believer of everlasting love then why doubt your own emotions for another person? And why doubt the other’s emotions and affections as well? Just a small spark of doubt is enough for the fortress of love to burn to the ground, meaning – You alone could be the reason why love fade away - subconsciously.
This is nothing more than a worry that you shouldn’t be concerned with, the future is nothing to be worried about. If you have her at present then show your undying love and affection. Do this everyday for the rest of your days forever.

Don’t stay too long at downe (Downelink) it will eat you ok?
I thought the whole purpose of joining Downelink was to be eaten.
Thank you for the advice. I have a downelink account because people there are actually interesting such as – they are great readers. Their online inhibitions are less limited. It’s also fascinating how my friends’ behavior on facebook and downelink are very much different. I believe certain anonymity in Downelink plays a great part.

Hi, if I send you a message will you return it?
Sure thing.

Where can I get your books?
Unfortunately, no bookstores are carrying them yet. I’m still struggling to get my books out there. I’ve sold advanced copies to people who were previously avid readers. But I will let you guys know when you can grab a copy. Do send me a message.

I hope I made sense and if things blow up in your face by following my advice please don’t blame me.

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