Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sources of Bigotry

After going to a Regan-MacNeil-head-spinning meeting with freelance writers on a Sunday evening, I came across a church in a middle of a mass. I can hear the echoing voice of the priest through the speaker system conveniently installed around the church so that everyone, including the clueless kids parents bring to church who keep running around the church grounds, peasants outside the vicinity who seriously need some charity help, people outside the church who no longer fits it and others can hear the on-going mass.
I have nothing against church masses, I think they are really effective in keeping all the bad people in the world to take a few hours of not doing something horrendous to mankind and the world. To give them a few moments to simply take a pause from all the dwindling, lying, stealing and killing human dignity.
I am not saying that all church goers are bad people, but it’s a fact that not all church goers are good people.

There are a lot of proven serial killers in the world who were arrested that are involved in churches and even building charity projects. Going to church for them is like a chain that holds back the monster in them – but we are getting sidetracked from what I want to say.

I couldn’t help but notice the huge tarpaulin banner at the gates of the church that says “NO to RH Bill”, I also couldn’t help but over-hear the rubbish that was coming out from the priest’s mouth.
He was saying that same-sex marriage and homosexuals will never be accepted as they – the homosexuals are unnatural creatures.
If I were one of the audience which most were simply pretending to be listening, I would have walked out of the place immediately. But the sheepish audience remains to be herded to the land of bigotry.
Even if there was a burning bush that told him that homosexuals were unnatural creatures roaming the earth, I still wouldn’t stay to listen to him. His audience of course remained, oh the rudeness if one dared to leave – he or she may even be stoned to death, you never know – some of them already tried to burn down CCP and I believe most of them are only waiting for someone to cast the first stone.

I would take the initiative to leave not because he’s saying something bad about homosexuals but simply because the priest is teaching the people to discriminate and look at other beings as inferiors instead of teaching peace and equality.

I quickly took the jeep that came across since I need to get home early.

They say that the Philippines is composed of 85% Christians… No wonder we're having a hard time progressing.

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