Monday, September 26, 2011


Saturday was a productive day. I went to a furniture shop in the town proper of Sta. Rosa, one of my father’s childhood friends owns the shop and informed my father that he will be retiring soon. My father told me that there aren’t a lot of great furniture workers in Sta. Rosa as the new comers are nothing more than “Dayuhans” or outsiders and don't know a rat's ass about wood. We went there since I’m working on my sewing frame.

After that I went to DLSU Manila to attend the World Poetry for Peace event and meet an online friend, I also get to meet interesting people, where we shared ideas at McDonald’s.

Stitched shots

The Ffff exhibit will be opening tonight so when evening fell I went to Mandaluyong and see the exhibit where my friend Zeus Bascon was included in the lineup of artists exhibiting their works.
It was an interactive show where guests can write on Zeus’s hand-bound book in Japanese method.
The exhibit is open until October 14th, take a look and interact with the other works available so I don’t have to write about what the other works are like. See it for yourself!

Zeus and I went back to Laguna together and perhaps it was a stressing day for him. On the way he was bothered by an event that happened recently that involved a lady beggar and them in eating in a restaurant. The lady beggar was asking for food.
He said he wanted to give the food because they’re not eating it anymore but a friend of his said that people should work hard if they want to eat. A friend of his who are known to be quite penurious and mean to beggars also wanted to give it to poor woman. He was so bothered that he asked me what he should have done or what was the right thing he should have done. 
So their left overs remained on the table and the beggar remained hungry, happy ending.

Mendicancy is prevalent in the Philippines, that is why there is a law “Anti-Mendicancy” PD 1563, prohibiting and penalizing anyone caught begging and giving alms to beggars. Please people, know the law of your country. Ignorance will only make a bigot out of you, read, go to lectures and explore new grounds.

If you want to follow the law and be a good citizen then by all means be stingy to these poverty stricken creatures. Otherwise, follow what your instinct tells you, help a person in need – if it’s perhaps the thing that makes you human.
There are many reasons and issues why Mendicants are prevalent in the country and yes we want to put an end to poverty and giving them food won't help much in their situation but there are many ways on how we can help put an end to poverty. Support organizations that builds communities, build homes or helps to educate children.

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