Friday, October 28, 2011

Of the Soul or of the Machine?

If it were Hitler’s Mein Kampf, I would have been a Nazi convert after reading it.  Fortunately, it’s not.
The book is something that should be kept in every writer’s shelf, not kindle e-book - mind you.
Mark Helprin shares his sentiments against e-books, the poor copyright laws bestowed to writers, loosely degenerating youth and more in such a way as though Zeus, the Greek god, is smiting everyone guilty with his thunderbolt.

Writers are probably the most oppressed, most taken for granted professionals that the world desperately needs.

We are all enamored to the digital revolution that has become a great part of our lives, not knowing that it’s nothing more than “Digital Barbarism” conquering or worse - wiping away our souls.

Digital Barbarism
A Writer’s Manifesto
Mark Helprin

"The new, Digital Barbarism is, in its language, comportment, thoughtlessness, and obeisance to force and power, very much like the old. And like the old, and every form of tyranny, hard or soft, it is most vulnerable to a bright light shone upon it. To call it for what it is, to examine it while playing no heed to its rich bribes and powerful coercions, to contrast it to what it presumes to replace, is to begin the long fight against it.

Very Clearly, the choice is between the preeminence of the individual or of the collective, of improvisation or of routine, of the soul or of the machine. It is a choice that perhaps you have already made, without knowing it. Or perhaps it has been made for you. But it is always possible to opt in or out, because your affirmations are your own, the court of judgment your mind and heart. These are free, and you are the sovereign, always. Choose"

If you’re a writer who wants to publish a book then read this eye-opening book that would reveal the inhumane ways writers are treated despite slamming them with copyright laws. 

I would also like to thank Libreria of Cubao Expo for this wonderful book that I have won back in March this year through a Quiz bee of book geeks which I have had not much of help since I was dead drunk. I know it's very unbecoming of a writer and I am very much ashamed. For those aspiring to be writers, drinking doesn't make you cool. It makes you wake up in someone else's bedroom without any idea why, when, how, where, with whom and  how long. I am not speaking from experience by the way...
And if you have to drink, only drink wine.


  1. "Writers are probably the most oppressed, most taken for granted professionals that the world desperately needs." - I agree.

    I feel bad for writers. They give us so much and get so little in return.

  2. I really can't comment about writing or writers since I'm not a writer or have any knowledge about any writers... but I'm sure there are many popular writers our there... I'm just not sure if they are making money... wait, what about those who writes in magazines and newspapers? they're writers too and I believe they make good money... right?

    1. No not really, not all magazine writers are earning enough. Some of them are just contributors who are lucky if they were even paid Gift certificates in return for their hard work.

  3. There are a lot of good writers out there who don't get what they deserve. Writing has been my dream since I was in 6th grade and I'm glad na writing din ang naging day job ko. However, may iba akong nakikilala na minamaliit yung job na iyon...