Friday, March 2, 2012

A Slice of my Secret Life (Furling Chaos Update!)

Despite buying a digital camera that has Panoramic capabilities, I still failed to take pictures of the group exhibit I joined a month ago.
I forgive myself for being utterly lazy at such moments but good news is that the exhibit was featured in a lifestyle magazine online and had a review about my piece “Furling Chaos in the Eye of the Storm”

“Veronica Laurel’s Furling Chaos in the Eye of the Storm is one piece of art that transcends genre but remains faithful to the main element of paper. The piece is enclosed in a wood and glass case, inside of which snippets of poetry on strips of paper are seen. A traditionally bound book hangs from twine and is suspended within the case. The piece is a wonderful marriage between literature and the visual arts, featuring the artist’s upcoming novel, and even showcasing her skill with furniture design, as the case of her own hands as well.”

You can read the article here

Paalam! Paalam!

An update about the piece is that it was bought by a Singaporean collector who owns a gallery in Singapore and Malaysia, and my piece will be shipped overseas by the month of April (Which means, you can still get to see it at the gallery in Art informal til then). Unfortunately, I won’t be coming along. It seems that traveling is not in the horizon for me. I am left to toil harder in my own beloved land.

I would like to believe that I’m happy that my piece was able to move someone through emotions, through soul and he was convinced that my piece is the essence of his life with which it was the manifestation of mine. Somehow without meeting this person, I have created something that somehow connected us, as if aligned constellations.

That night at the exhibit opening of Pulp Fiction, I can’t say that I was completely sober since I was given a bottle of beer and requested white wine because I could not stand the taste of beer. A little bit tipsy and I wasn’t even able to take a picture of myself at the event.

But amidst the unfettered socialization that night and trying to walk straight without feeling as if the floor is a bed of water, I found a picture that somehow resembled someone who looks like me. 

See you guys at the next exhibit. :)


  1. *apir! kahit may cam ako, sometimes, laziness strikes lalo n pag na-o-overwhelm sa mga exhibits, di na ako makapagtake ng

    this one's very artistic..;)

  2. ..pahabol!

    congrats deserved being featured!

  3. wow congrats! though i am no art critique that piece is great!

  4. Galing galing naman :) Congrats mam.

  5. Well done! As I always says "All the best"!

  6. Never been to an exhibit for a long time. Nice experience huh. Anyway congrats! :)

    Visiting back from FBW :))

  7. Congrats! galing naman. being featured in an exhibit must really be exciting! good job!!

  8. your artwork looks fascinating. Congrats for being featured.