Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Different Strokes at The Ayala Museum Artist Space

This is something that I didn't expect at all. At such a very short notice, I am included in a group exhibit to be hold at the Ayala Museum, Artist Space 2nd Floor.
Mga Iba't Ibang Birada or Different Strokes, happening on the 14th of September and opening reception starts at 6PM.
There are 14 more artists included in the exhibit coming from different places, backgrounds, and of course, style or stoke. My works are the sole 3D objects because all of the artists are painters. It's like the Pulp Fiction Exhibit again, where almost everyone were illustrators.

For this exhibit, I have immediately come up with three 3d objects that I have been planning to create for a long time. I haven't had a proper sleep in four days because I was trying to finish up on the art works. Not to mention I am coming up with this wretched feeling of impending sickness, that feeling as if you've been hit by a bus and shortness of breath that would eventually progress into cold and cough.
Last time I had this kind of sickness, my friend took me to Makati Med and she witnessed how my nose got vacuumed, not a very pretty sight.

One book to be a part of a work

The least I can do tonight is sleep early and work hard for the remaining days.

Quarter Collective

Hopefully I'll be feeling well by Friday. See you at the opening of the exhibit!

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