Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the beginning. There were words.

Perhaps it’s only right that I introduce myself, very well then. I’m called Veronica and I’d like to be called by that name although most of my closer friends would call me in my nickname while others would make a nickname up for me, in which I rarely find amusing. Some call me Ron, Ronnie (acceptable), the despicable “Vero, Ver, Veron”, distasteful “nica” and others. In the land of Taft where a few friends of mine reside, they call me “V”. In which I start to think if it were a trend over there since 5 of the people I know who’re from there call me by that letter. Are they all just fans of “Gossip Girl”?? Or is Veronica really long? I guess I'd prefer to be called with my nickname as opposed to having someone calling me "Beronika". If you can't pronounce it right, please don't pronounce it at all.
Most of these I tend to shrug off and perhaps this is the only time I get to ramble about the fact.
I for one wouldn’t dare call a person with a name hacked from their origin unless they allow it, I would take the effort to really call them as what ever they introduced me with. I do believe uttering our names by others is like honey to our ears. Although I do have the knack for calling people behind their back with certain nicknames and or code names if they’ve made a rather impression in my daily living.
There was this girl back in college whom I called “chubby lips” for obvious reasons. “Runaway Bride” was the girl who… ran away from me also back in college for reasons I have forgotten what had happened. I forgot what happened but I know it was a rather funny moment. I think I asked her a typical question and she ran away just like that. She was a somehow peculiar person, hiding her face by shoving it on walls when one of my friends passed her by, opening the door then slamming it back when she saw my face and reacting in a not so subtle manner.
My friends nicknamed the weirdo (weird in a bad way) who roamed around campus. “Respect” as he’s called, since at one time he ranted about respect, he spoke about ‘respect’ in public and I believe none of his words were deemed sensible. Poor fellow, he also tried to ask out almost all the girl students in the campus and I wasn’t an exception, I turned the poor chap down as everyone would. Most of us knew something was awfully loose in his head but dared not say it to his face. I actually nicknamed him “Bonjing” since he looked like one and acts like one.
I dubbed a rather amusing girl “Dancer in the Dark” simply because she performed a solo performance for me… in the dark. It was funny. So I called her that when I told my friends about it since I don’t usually give out names of people I talk to friends about, I still would like to keep their dignity intact.
One friend of mine was called “Agony” since when I first met her she was in tears and perhaps agonizing over what had happened and it seemed she cried most of the time hence the nickname and people actually call her by that name and she wouldn’t mind. Awesome, I wish I could call "Bear Trap Mouth" - Bear Trap Mouth to his face. I don't call her agony anymore, she seemed happier now.

My profile would probably tell you a bit about myself and it can also double as my dating resume! Dating history available only upon request. Just kidding.
I also have another blog with tumblr in which I don’t really nurture since I find tumblr to be a bit confusing and overwhelming in a way that abashed my bachelor’s degree in IT.

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