Thursday, September 30, 2010

Electronic Reading Devices

A few months ago a friend of mine, an illustrator, threw her netbook pc across the room perhaps out of rage, which is an Asus EEEPC. Those mini laptops that aims ultra portability with the power of a computer compressed into that tiny little digital notebook. Of course the netbook suffered critical damages which left it unusable. It does turn on still, however you would see nothing on the poor dented screen and cracked body of the device. Now it's just junk, she said she's planning to buy a new one(Perhaps the only solution) and told me that she wants the Apple iPad, which came out just recently around that time with a whopping price of around $500. Although we should actually come up with a solution with her "wrecking-things-when-mad" syndrome first than buying a new netbook.

The iPad looked like the grandmother of an iTouch. With its 9” screen and features that boasts internet wifi capabilities, photos, music & movie playback, iBook applications among others. click here for further iPad features.

Anyhow, I'm not exactly a fan of the iPod, iTouch or the iMac. So I probably won't be buying any of that in the future. 
Apple iPad
I believe in practical living. I wouldn't be burning my money on something I think is not exactly a necessity in my life. Also it simply reminded me of a better and improved Amazon Kindle.
Animal Farm
Amazon Kindle is a gadget for e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines, simply put it's an electronic reading device. see product description and features by clicking the link.

Amazon Kindle
Although I have placed the Kindle on my wish list, since I love to read books and with the device I can carry almost a library in one simple and compact little pad. I guess I want the Kindle, it's a rather better choice I think when the price range of these babies come less than $200. Also has 3G and wifi capabilities, perfect for an afternoon to evening read in a cafe with the kindle as your company.
The man who mistook his wife for a hat
White chocolate mocha on one hand and kindle on the other.

Then again, since I'm a writer it would be a whole lot better if I could use Kindle to write my stories and other works with. A netbook is just the right gadget for that. With the iPad, typing on it doesn't really seem comfortable and its a thing to get used to but with a small keyboard I can type as quickly as I can. The screen is also slightly bigger since a netbook normally has a 10.1 inch screen, can also play movies and show photos and other applications the iPad lacks(which is often the case with macs). Most importantly it can read e-books, even kindle exclusive file formats, so favorite titles won't be left out.
I bought e-book titles such as "The man who mistook his wife for a hat" by Oliver Sacks, Animal Farm, Persepolis etc. I'm happy enough to read them on a desktop pc while taking a break from work. I love to read and it'll be great having one of these but right now, I read at work and spend the rest of my time at home playing my PSP and I allot a few hours in the day to continue my writings. 
A netbook from a local Filipino company sells a decent netbook for around $200, not so bad at all considering its actually less than half an iPad's amount and is a Filipino brand. 

Later on perhaps I'll be hanging out in a cafe with my PSP. :)

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