Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All the Kittens and Babies are Dying on the Face of the Planet

Hopefully before you jerk tears out of those optical ducts of yours, perhaps an episode of Anyone But Me could stifle the fluids from secreting.

Anyone But Me is a lesbian web series for teens that can be watched on Youtube and each episode lasts less than ten minutes. I don’t think I would still appreciate it even if I were ten years younger although I must say one of the girls was cute in which it made me just want to watch the series on MUTE.

Teen Dyke Drama for Free. The story begins with Vivian, who will move to a new place particularly 30 Minutes away from her girlfriend Aster, oh the tragedy! (Sarcasm intended) They would have to go to different schools and have different set of friends, they would argue over petty things and will not speak to one another and all those stupid things.

They still get to see each other over weekends though, Vivian going to New York to hang with Aster.
Vivian and her dad are moving to her step-mothers place which of course is another pot of tension boiling. The step-mother is neurotic and is probably the only character in the series that has personality.

Let’s stop wasting time since the writers have made it so predictable on how it will end anyway. The jokes are delivered by zombies and I feel like anytime soon cicadas would fill my head because of the isolated sounds of their speeches, as if nothing is ever happening in the surroundings. The couple don't have chemistry and seriously, the scrawny girl Vivian looked like Aster's wingman... and not a girlfriend.

Why don’t Filipinos make a webseries or webisodes such as this? This is the future of tv series, anyone can watch it whenever it is most convenient for them. Though the awesome commercials would be skipped. And it can be seen by people all over the world.

Calling all film makers and the likes in the land who would like to make an LGBT webseries for the local LGBT group in the Philippines!
Ehem, I’m a writer… Ehem.

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