Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cockroach Massacre Story By Carlo J. Caparas

I’ve recently moved to this cozy place in Quezon City and out of UP Bliss Diliman. It was a quiet neighborhood where people with huge houses live. Much to my shame I live on the street of people with penurious lifestyles while there were beautifully designed homes around us.

Walking past our gate yesterday, I pulled out my keys and commenced on opening the front door, not to my surprise a cockroach have escaped from the bottom crack of the door as though it was running away from something. As I noticed cans of bug spray lay near the dumpster of our gate.
Our occasional servants have planned to exterminate our apartment that day and they didn’t even inform me and my roommate about it. I did complain about it and I am quite happy they finally did something about it.

The cockroach unfortunately has met a tragic fate of kissing the sole of my boot to death. Oh, stomp I did with pleasure. I know before I am against killing cockroaches, but things have changed.
I have to unlock a doorknob and another lock to open the door, when I was done with the first one two cockroaches escaped from the door crack again and yes, they too have met the same fate as the first one.

It was lovely I thought, so I hurried to open the door, placed my backpack on the nearest sofa, turned on the lights to see the wriggling cockroaches of varying sizes on the floor. I have never seen so many cockroaches in my life. I began to stomp on those that proved to be alive and moving still.

Then I retreated to the room upstairs and relaxed, killing anything that moves and crosses my path.

I didn’t dare take photos since it was gory and gruesome. I believe there were hundreds of cockroaches that lay dead on the floor, including the bathroom floor that my roomie didn’t even bother to take a bath that night.

Nice workout though…

I didn't dare sweep the dead cockroaches on the floor, the occasional servants have swept them and cleaned the floor and scrubbed it this morning.

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