Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wooden Wednesday

All my life I've lived with wood and as a book artisan starting out, to not use wood is impossible.

Was unable to actually put the book on display since it was immediately bought by one of the people of 10a Alabama.
A book with wooden cover in mahogany finish. The wood is marine plywood 3/4 inch thick and has tanguile wood for its edging. The paper I used is raw unbleached ground wood.
The leather latch is from a pre-loved belt that doesn't fit me anymore.
Stitching style is traditional binding mixed with coptic binding for support.

Tanguile is a fine wood commonly used in furniture by skilled carpenters. It encompasses the quality of imported pine wood and since it is considered a hard wood, it can endure the test of time. Today, the use of this wood is rare since the abundance of imported pine or palo china wood is ubiquitous and the average Filipino can no longer afford this type of wood.


  1. I heard about tangili here in the Philippines. It is a hard wood. It's commonly used by furniture and cabinet maker for it's sturdy, woody, and hard. It could stand or endure a longer period of time. And it is very rare that you could found here in the Philippines. The common wood or grown tree used for plywood here in the country is Gmelina.

    From T.R.U.T.H.

  2. That is one fine artistic way to make a notebook. It's heavier, though, than the usual board. For art's sake, it's nice. :)

    c5 @

  3. What a nice idea of bookbinding you did! Your book must have commanded a good price for its uniqueness.

    Speaking of Tanguile as a kind of wood, I had a little knowledge about it. The strange thing about this hardwood is that unlike Narra which has a Narra tree as origin, there is no such thing as Tanguile tree. It is widely believed that carpenters of old call any hardwood of unknown origin as Tanguile.

  4. this is a unique book. never seen book cover made of wood and the leather latch belt made it looks more stylish and worth whatever price you charged on it.

  5. Wow, it's my first time to see such a unique artwork. How long is the process of making stuff like these? I'm sure it's not cheap!

  6. Very artistic... I am curious... How much did it go for? :)

    Much love, Christia

    Christmas from the Hospital from Christia's World

  7. Hehe, Secret. But I do accept commissions for book art and journals.

  8. I think I want to recreate something like this for my scrapbook :) Thanks for this awesome inspiration!