Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Am I addicted to games? again..?

It has become apparent that I could be suffering from problem gaming. It seems that I have failed to do some of my duties and other things since I'm so enthralled into beating Monster Hunter Freedom Unite(MHFU), a PSP title that became a really hit in Japan, was the number 1 game for the portable device for sometime too.
When I noticed I forget things and have failed to feed my cat, which I realized just a day after leaving Laguna, I asked myself “Could I be addicted to Gaming?”
Now being aware of oneself is a good step towards wisdom and I should know myself very well.
I try to play whenever I get the chance, I try to eat lunch as quick as I can, more like inhaling my lunch. After having lunch I make use of the remaining break time to complete a quest from MHFU. And where should I play undisturbed away from eyes of people? At the end of the building where I work is a somehow quiet restroom, cleaner than the one near the entrance and there I lock myself in one of the cubicles, put the toilet seat and lid down, sit and play. The only downside to the place is that since it is rather isolated and rarely visited, it is the one rest room that people loves to take their dumps.
On a rare occasion, someone thought she was all alone in the room and didn't notice I was in a cubicle at the far end. She quickly locked herself in one of the cubes and as I heard it with my ears, she lifted the toilet seat with a very quick manner, it seems also that she was in a hurry and the next thing I heard was a woman, grunting and almost moaning. Of course I know exactly was happening and before the funky smell would stick to my clothes. I went outside, pausing my game and looking for a new place to play.

When I get to Mandaluyong, currently where I'm staying during weekdays, I simply sit around my room and play until the time comes for me to sleep. There were times that I wish I don't have to sleep anymore but alas, I have work the next morning.

I haven't found a solution but I promise to do the things I should have been doing. But here are the list that made realize I have been totally engulfed into gaming mode:

1. Forgot to feed cat despite it “meowing” the whole day in front of me
2. Forgotten to change bed sheets.
3. Didn't bring sufficient clothes to Mandaluyong
4. Went to friend's house to hang out but played game still
5. Friend says “You haven't been dating anyone” (Apparently I'm very busy... playing games and other reasons. I could have easily asked someone else out but I choose not to and I don't want to go out since the last time.)
6. It's the only thing I think about... not really. Hahaha! But it's one of the things.

I still haven't come up with a solution, but I shall try to do other things. In any case, if anyone wants to play a group game of MHFU which is pretty capable in the PSP then send me a message.

The game is pretty addictive with 300+ hours of gameplay (Been playing for 150+ hours and still not bored) The player sets out to vanquishing and capturing dragons and other monsters and literally wearing their skin with various weapons to choose from, I choose the bow and dual blades despite the inability to block. Perhaps one should try playing the game and understand that it's not just one of those cheesy Final Fantasy games. :B

P.S. Perhaps this is what a friend of mine was saying when I told him he can borrow my PS2. He might just use to escape from reality... he was supposed to get it fixed. 
I wish time would simply slow down or stop when I'm playing since I know there are a lot of things I better be doing but its sort of hard... Sigh.

Then again I haven't really stopped reading books, almost done with Animal Farm and The man who mistook his wife for a hat. Only get to read them at work hehe.
I tend to read books simultaneously, shifting from one book to the next every 5 minutes. That's how I watch movies and play games too, sometimes switching to Deception III Dark Delusions.

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