Friday, April 1, 2011

Emily's Americanization

No other movie has moved me more than this film.


“The Americanization of Emily” Starring Julie Andrews and James Garner
This is ultimately one of my favorite romantic-comedies of all time. 

Julie Andrews is Emily Barham, a driver to the Dog-Robber Charlie Madison.

Dog-Robbers are one of the most essential men who work for the military who aids Men of higher ranks in the institution such as Admirals and Generals. They see to it that these men of honors are well fed, well dressed and aren’t lonely when the evening has loomed in.

Set in World War II, the film depicts the absurdities and casualties of war in a less grotesque manner and still with the quirkiness of the humor in those times. Presenting the shameful reality of war that has been cloaked by the flying colors of honor, valor and insignificant monuments to cover up the harsh realities of death.
An immature man would rather die an honorable death rather than live an honorable life.
War is ugly, it’s irrational and it’s still alive in our times. It’s still quite evident everywhere and perhaps would never disappear on the face of the planet.
It is nothing more than a play between two entities, one has power and the other one wants it.

I am for peace. Om Shanti.

I saw a vintage photo of this film in one of the flea stores in Cubao Expo, and bought it since I was sort of excited to move to a new apartment this month and I can’t wait to have it framed and displayed in my new room.

Julie Andrews The Americanization of Emily

“I’ve told myself a hundred times, don’t get earnest about this man, it’s a casual thing. A brief passionate explosion. Don’t get sticky about it for heaven’s sake…
Well I’m sticky Charlie, I’m sticky as hell. I’m insanely in love with you. “

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