Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Happened?

What a miserable article… Anyhows, my friend posted the link on facebook and we had a rather interesting interpretation of what happened to the nice guys and perhaps girls in our lives (it’s still quite applicable) but do read the article first.

My friend, let’s call her Catnapper- because I met her in the most peculiar way, she wanted to be a foster parent of a stray cat in which another friend of mine had rescued from the gutters. Yeah, we have big hearts, I was the middle man between the two and I met her through a friend as well.

Catnapper: So ladies, think hard about all those abandoned nice guys.
Veronica: Haven't read the article yet but my guess is:
Either they're gay Or Married.
Catnapper: or damaged.
Veronica: Or lesbians..

C: Or agoraphobics
V: Or reptiles :V
C: or watches the jersey shore.
V: Or is dating your best-friend :))
C: or is the best friend :)
V: Or has resorted to stalking you instead
C: or has a restraining order versus you --- TMZ!
V: Or is sleeping with your mother...
C: or has sworn off human contact since 2012 is appearing on the horizon.
V: Or is in Tibet, sworn to celibacy and has become a monk
C: or would rather be with sheep.
V: Or is in a state of comatose
C: or has decided that he prefers much older women.
Annonymous: Or he found out that he also prefer ding-dongs. :P
V: Or he choked on hotdogs and died
C: Or is still deluding himself in hollywood.
V: Or he has decided that he prefers much younger women...
C: Or that he is currently lost in the underground tunnels of vietnam...
V: Or is being held captive by cannibals in the catacombs of France
C: or is stuck in a time loop at the dentist’s waiting room.
V: Or has mutated one morning into a lobster and was savagely eaten by aristocrats by making him into Lobster Thermidor
C: or has lost his memory when a turtle fell on his head.
V: Or is traipsing in the moors Heathcliff style :))
C: or is currently attending a lecture on Thoreau and individual anarchy.
V: Or is planning in obsessive detail his revenge and your utter demise
C: or is wrapped around somebody else's arms while thinking about me.
V: Or is busy trying to get the square root of 23476564.89244 with the use of an abacus
C: or is calibrating the hadron cylinder.
USISERA: *Pasingit* I like this exchange more than the article
V: Or was abducted by aliens
(USISERA LIKED VERONICA’S Comment “Or is traipsing in the moors Heathcliff style :))”
C: Or works in a library and has yet to look up from a book.
V: Or went to Africa to learn hexing and voodoo in order to curse you
C: Or has enrolled in Hogwarts and is trying to perfect the cruciatus spell.
V: Or had made a pact with the devil
C: Or is playing Mama Mia in some obscure theatre in Katmandu.
V: Or is busy trying to revive Frankenstein
C: or is still searching for the fountain of youth.
V: Or is reading this endless thread... :))
C: and is wondering , but I am here! stop adding to this thread women! ... I am actually the nice guy and he is the one who is oblivious.
(Veronica bursts out laughing)
V: *GASP!!*
V: Or is a genius to do all these sort of things... 
C: Or is busy wondering when he can find a nice girl.
V: Or is wondering What happened to All the Nice Girls...  

To be continued "Uwi na ko"

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