Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ken Breaks Up With Barbie

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You said it Ken! I just received my Greenpeace newsletter and this was the news. It seems that the most famous couple are breaking up because Barbie is annihilating one of the most precious part of the planet – the forest, particularly in Indonesia.

What I like about Greenpeace is that they really target big companies to straighten up their acts with nature. I thought if I quit writing for this company I’m working for, I would apply for Greenpeace Europe, Coral Cay or the Asia and Europe foundation. But alas, I have to stay here since I have to focus on my writing career.
I didn’t bother with volunteering in Greenpeace Philippines because I’ve been to their office and well... I guess what they wanted was financial donations instead of my time. A college student such as I was back then, has only her time to give, it didn’t really seem worth it but a year ago when Zeus Bascon and I were hanging out at Alabang Town center, there was a Greenpeace booth seeking help and for new members (by member, someone who donates monthly or someone who donates, doesn’t matter how many times) the thing is, they don’t accept cash and since I have a sort of disorder that lacks the ability to say NO to anything, I gave out my credit card number that their organization don’t really accept. But they said they were going to see if it would work.
Unfortunately it got declined several times and the penalties that came monthly in my bills were enough to bury me alive.

So I discarded the old one and got a new one. No, I don’t hate Greenpeace PH for that. I just wished I’ve said ‘No’ back then, it would have saved me the trouble. Since it is in the past, I’ve buried it to where it belongs, six feet under the depths of my mind’s forgetfulness.

You too can help out and sign a petition for Mattel to stop destroying forests just to pack Barbie in disposable cardboards. Click here!

Deforestation speeds up Global Warming and makes it worse, not only that but 2012 is coming and the whole world might just explode to pieces, at least if the world ends on 2012 we'd have great forests and a tiny little bit of fresh air.

Don't forget to get your Angry Ken Profile Pic on his Greenpeace FB Page or the Unlike Barbie photo.

I think they are going to get back together and I shall count the days it will take for that to happen.

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