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On Raw Food Diet: Organic and Fresh

Back in College, I used to dorm in this building that has an atrium in the middle. A bit similar to a condominium that has several studios for students to have a home away from home but at the first few months of my first year I stayed in the west wing of the oldest dormitory in the University I graduated in.

I met a girl in one of my social studies class, we were both irregulars, meaning we don’t have the same folks with each of our dreaded classes. We became friends forever and it turns out she lived in the university condos.
I frequently visited her room and her roommates loved me, countless sleepovers were made followed by weekly dinners with the girls. They had this roommate whom they didn’t really like, I didn’t like her either, she barely slept in the room and to top it all off she preferred to be called ‘Sexy’ when in fact she looks so hideous I couldn’t even begin to remember how she looked like.
Eventually we used voodoo and witchcraft to kick her out of the room to make way for – well, you know who. We used the witchcraft technique found in Bible Black and miraculously it worked!
(If you have the complete copy of Bible Black please message me, we never get to see how it ended and we would be thrilled to watch it)

Moving on, we became roommates forever, at least for the rest of our four year stay in the University. It’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated and we still get to have dinners and see each other.
Every summer I would visit one of my roommate’s home in Olongapo. It was a three-to-four hour travel by bus and I didn’t mind, up to now I still do it. Any minute or hour less than that is a piece of cake, it won’t ever faze me, I wouldn't even begin to call it traveling.

This friend of mine is also vegetarian and last time I visited which was a month or so ago, her mom was vegan, now – she’s a raw foodie. Her mom held a workshop for her fellow yogis when I came there and I joined in the preparation of raw food.

I can eat pretty much eat anything I want, that was before when I wasn’t a vegetarian but now that I have a different eating lifestyle than the rest of the population, picking up what to eat can be quite a challenge. Learning how to cook became a requirement and choosing wisely where to eat out is a necessary skill.
I’ve been a vegetarian since college with a minor lapse after graduation but now I’m back on loving vegetables.

When I visited Olongapo, I was a vegetarian raw foodie for a few days.
A raw food diet is based on the belief that cooking food steals their enzymes and nutrients away while leaving them uncooked retains their natural enzyme and health enhancing attributes.

The benefits one can get from a raw food diet consists of
Increased Energy
Clearer Skin
Weight Loss
Reduced Risk of Disease
Less Trans Fat and Saturated Fat
Low in Sodium and Sugar
Delay the Progress of Aging
And More
It may seem very appealing to some but the thing is, it takes vast intangible amounts of determination and discipline to incorporate that in our daily lives, especially when meat and savory animal meals are plastered on billboards, tarpaulins, at the back of a bus and other forms of advertisement in our urban life.

According to my spiritual university: In heaven, people are vegan raw foodies (or at least vegetarian.)
And in the practice of a strict spiritual life (I try, as much as I can to follow) as a student of Brahma Kumaris, I must turn back to my previous self – the one who lived in heaven and disregard the five senses of my present life in order to transcend into heaven.
 -Just one of the reasons why I don’t eat meat among others.

Everyone wants to be healthy but don’t have the will to start that day for themselves and they are slaves to one of the five senses of the body – taste. That is the reason why a lot of people can’t give up meat, to my opinion, not all meat products and meals taste good. What a waste of a perfectly good animal life.
In the rarest time that I would deviate from my diet and eat meat on my accord I am filled with regret that would last a while. Of course I always forgive myself and easily brush away the feeling, unless I want to beat myself up for it.

Her mom holds raw food workshops regularly and she also has her own blog and so does my friend. My friend studied Broadcast Journalism but has a catering business in Olongapo City, she’s a great cook and I can easily request what I want for breakfast, lunch or dinner when I visit and she does it with a smile too!

If you live near the city you can join one of the workshops and pay a fraction of what you would when you join a raw food workshop here in Metro Manila.
I learned how to extract milk out of nuts and make delectable dishes with a blender! Goodbye George Foreman Griller!!

Talking to a round eggplant and waiting for it to talk back while slipping a chunk of pineapple in my mouth
Dunia making faces with the eggplant

A raw food diet is healthy and is a good alternative if your stove ran out of gas or if you don't have one.
Preparing raw food is very simple and there are thousands of recipes and instructions over the internet.

Enjoying a piece of dehydrated vegan raw nacho

Take a look at their vegetarian/vegan/raw foodie useful food blogs!

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