Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chapter 3: A glimpse of the other

There was nothing more to talk about. Destry letting out a sigh leaned completely on the lonely tree tilting her head a bit and though she had gotten used to being with Lyle, she had given meaning to the days of loneliness when Lyle refused to talk or see her. She wasn't the type to go out with different girls, at least... not anymore.

Lyle had met another girl, though Destry had never met her personally. She only saw her one day exiting the campus gates with Lyle and their fellow classmates. Destry then was sitting in the cafe across the gates and saw with her own eyes behind the paned glass windows. “Is that the girl?” asked Nalini, or Lini for short. Destry's close friend who still study in the same university. Nalini was older a couple of years but had remained in the university where Destry, had graduated a year ago but now, after a year working has quit her job and is taking a rest. She visits Nalini and Lyle often in campus but that day perhaps was the last day Destry visited Lyle. Nalini is a half Indian and half Filipino descent, hence her peculiar name and rather exotic features.
“She's a hundred-footer, I can't believe it! You are a whole lot prettier and a thousand times better than that girl!” exclaimed Nalini as she sipped from the straw of her cold coffee drink. Destry sitting opposite Nalini simply looked at the girl and Lyle, they simply crossed the street. They didn't see her. The girl has a short hair and was dressed in a boyish manner and walking rather in a manly way.
Destry smiled “There are girls who are like that, at least Lyle didn't have to guess if the girl was a lesbian or not. It screams her sexual orientation, eliminating awkward moments of asking if she were gay.” Destry picked up her espresso cup and took a little drink. “Plus Lyle told me that she likes the girl and actually approached her. But the girl has a girlfriend or something like that.” Destry explained to Nalini who made a reaction of repulsion. “What?! Seriously? You have got to be kidding me! Isn't she your girl?” Nalini continued “Well what did you do? Or even say?”
“Nothing.” Destry said.

The coldness drifted in the air and the stars above glimmered silently and oblivious to both Destry and Lyle.
“So, what now?” Lyle said putting her box of cigarette in the car and closing the door. Destry got up and smiled, walking towards Lyle and halting a few feet away, said “We remain friends.”
Destry drew closer to Lyle and embraced her as she always had. Pressing her body close and Lyle received her. Destry held Lyle longer, there was a bit of sadness but she brushed it off, it has to be this way for the sake of her freedom. So that a new beginning may arise, a new opportunity to welcome her. Also, she didn't want to hinder Lyle on anything, if she believed she's going to be better and happier with the other, then perhaps it's her role to help out as well. Why would she prevent a beautiful flower from blooming? Why prevent, perhaps an interesting relationship to happen? Even if she doesn't know what's happening between Lyle and the other. Is she sure they're happy?

Destry slowly planted a small kiss on Lyle's cheek.“I'm taking you home.” 

Chapter 3: A glimpse of the other 

Author's Comment:

Perhaps I should clean up and refine my short stories. Perhaps when I finally get to work on it at home and when I get my LCD screen back from Zeus.

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