Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lyle: Prologue of "A-Soap"

A girl with long black hair and fair skin sat in a table collecting and placing items in a box, a bit smaller than a shoe box made out of recycled paper in a rather very common brown color. She placed the last item, a key-chain of a tea pot charmed with several hanging tiny little tea cups.
The stringed item laid among the other trinkets and several framed photos of two young girls, smiling and laughing in other frames with occasional holiday cards.
She noticed there weren't really a lot of things in the box and quickly after realizing it and perhaps deeming the past to be empty as well, covered the box.
Her common looking eyes drifted on the empty space before her, thinking what to do with the box. Throw it away or give it back? Quickly she turned to her left while at the same time she grabbed the box, she knelt next to the bed and pushed the box underneath it.
She then lied on her bed, stared into the ceiling and pondered on what to do. She didn't want to see her, but she'd have to eventually, perhaps too soon, give back her music CDs and PS2 game titles back.

In her quiet little room she held herself still. She heard a few knocks on her door and a few seconds later her mom opened it, a woman who looked a bit young for her age with short brown hair, held the same eyes as her, the lady enters the room “Lyle, it's Destry on the phone”

Lyle sat up with no more than an enthusiasm of a ten year old waking up to go to school in the morning. She took the phone and her mom left. Pressing the plastic wireless phone to her left ear and waited, she didn't want to say a word. “...Lyle? I can hear you breathing. “ a voice spoke at the other end of the line.

~End of Prologue

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Chapter 1: Destry


Author's comment:
This is a group of short stories that I am doing right now among others. This is the first draft and well I just want to post it so my friends can read it.
Past were the days where I recite poetry to my close friends, we are no longer in sync with the time and place and could only see each other on occasions.

I can't help but miss them sometimes but such is the time of struggles for all of us. Trying to make something out of ourselves, something great... perhaps is a priority weighing heavy on our shoulders, but heavier on mine.
I need to work hard since I have no choice, I'd rather eat paper than have my parents back me. Therefore life is hard on me yet I carry myself proud, I am a self-made person.
Anyhows... next chapter is: "Destry: Chapter 1" will be posted soon in the "A-Soap" collection.

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