Sunday, October 10, 2010

"A-Soap" Chapter 2: The One

Destry was the one.

The one you won't end up with. Period. It's not because she's evil or she is simply a hideous person. It is so, because Destry won't wish it upon herself to be tied down to someone for the longest time. Didn't she play a good role and now it's going to end. All she had with Lyle is nothing more than a game, a silly play she acted as girlfriend. The worst thing was it brought her harm than good. ~

For Lyle insisted she was still hungry then Destry suggested to have dinner somewhere else, they are now speeding through the highway in Destry's Sedan. She realized as she drove the car along the road that this won't be easy, that Lyle as much as she'd hate it would eventually throw a fit and be totally irrational on the matter.
So she made dinner to be a bit quicker by not speaking too much and not bringing up the topic of splitting.
Destry paid for dinner and they went back to Destry's car and she insisted to take Lyle home since it was getting a bit dark but of course before that happens, Destry parked the car a bit near Lyle's place on a hill where one can view the town's landscape. It was just off a few meters along the highway where a lonely tree stood. Destry and Lyle went outside, Destry walked over to the tree and Lyle leaned on the side of the car and lighted a cigarette.
Destry looked at Lyle as smokes escape her mouth. She looked at the distance and the flickering lights and felt the coolness of the evening on her cheeks. She felt a bit of contempt coming from Lyle, she took a deep breath and started to speak. She looked neutral with her eyebrows almost trying to reach other.
“I know it's over... but we're still friends right?” She leaned on the tree and both her hands at her back, with the palms against the tree.
“Yeah, I guess it is...” Lyle pressed the cigarette to her lips again. “Is it possible to be friends still?” asked Destry. Though Destry never liked smokers then again she never liked Lyle to be her girlfriend and wasn't it only through a form of pathetic coercion did she date Lyle?
Destry tried not to be sad since they'll probably hang out and see each other as friends anyway.

Destry in the past months had tried to break up with Lyle and failed, miserably. She wanted a break up where Lyle won't try to end up crying and before, her attempts only ended up in a very dramatic moment where Lyle even tried to slit her wrists. Destry didn't want any drama and as much as possible wished it to be smooth and easy. She was always threatened by Lyle that she would end her pathetic existence if she dared leave her. It was an in-your-face display of selfishness and insecurity from Lyle.
It wasn't later that Destry had realized what an emotional vampire Lyle had become, from a jealous and clingy girlfriend she had become a jealous-clingy-suicidal-emotional vampire girlfriend.
It was just too much to handle and Destry wanted freedom, she couldn't have Lyle eat away her life.

And this became easier now since a rather interesting event happened a month back.

Someone has another girl.

Author's Comment: Totally raw...

Prologue: Lyle
Chapter 1: Destry
Chapter 2: The One
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