Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Allergic to the Ocean

Another insult to my penury lifestyle, it seems that I have a case of rashes that have now invaded my abdomen. After seeing a friend in Paseo de Sta. Rosa (Danke mein freunden) I have decided to put an end to these rashes, I thought they would go away but it’s been months.
Ever since I went to the beach last January my skin has started to mutate, rashes have invaded my back, chest and neck which I practically ignored. However, things have recently gone for the worse.

I went to the doctor and it seems that I am again reminded of my extreme skin sensitivity in which I have deliberately erased in my memory.

The doctor asked if I were allergic to seafood, I said yes but since I’m vegetarian, I haven’t eaten any seafood since last year.
“I’m vegetarian, but it did occur after we surfed last January” I said
“There you go!” said the doctor
“So, I’m allergic to the ocean?” I cried
“Well… since you’re allergic to seafood and you surfed, which means you probably swam in the ocean for hours…”
“I’m allergic to even swimming with sea creatures?!”
The doctor gave me a suggestive smile. “Oh…” I exhaled.
She did explain that there are micro-organisms with which my skin wasn’t happy to react with.
She also said to stay away from eggs, I told her it can be done. From now on, I’m swearing off eggs from my diet. 

I paid a fortune for lotions, creams and medicines in which I have to take for weeks. Now I have to eat tofu for at least two weeks in order to survive since a Writer’s salary can’t really afford these things. I have to spend more to change the soap I’m using to unscented and extra sensitive and avoid the sun at all cost.

I can be very strict with my diet, I can exorcise myself to avoid meat and eggs if I have to but my selection would definitely diminish. Taking eggs off my diet can be done easily. What I can’t stand is adding another medicine to my cocktails of pills and apply cream and lotion on my body on a ritual basis.

This weekend will be filled with editing and reviewing my short stories. I am writing this post at Zeus Bascon’s place, my painter friend who is currently painting on three pieces of boards for a contest.

Also, I went to the UP shopping center the other day to find printers for books and I bought a book for only P20 at Booksale! A steal indeed!! Despite the pile of books I got from Libreria, I couldn’t help myself from buying this book! In Love, In Sorrow: A book about the correspondence of two revered poets and writers of post World War II contemporary America. It can be quite effeminate and leaning on homosexuality at times, a good read I must admit.

In Love, In Sorrow for only P20 at BookSale Diliman!!

Cool Laguna breeze and a long weekend... Goodbye Eggs!

One Fine Sunday Afternoon with Zeus and his brother Eros

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