Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dined with a stranger

Last Monday, I went to divisoria to buy book covers. I also visited my dentist but it seemed there was an emergency so the schedule went straight to the gutters.
At the bookcover store, I had to wait a bit since the covers would have to be cut according to the size I indicated and as my own tradition, visiting divisoria means walking around Ong Pin to see something interesting.

I walked around and got lost looking for Mr. Ube since I wanted to eat their vegetarian stir fry noodles. It was a while before I found it and after eating lunch I set out to look for a store that sells White Kiamoy. Something I never pass on when visiting the place.
I found the Buddhist temple and decided to come in and meditate. I pulled out three pieces of incense from the holder and sat on the cushioned seat, I began to meditate. The place has good vibrations and it made me feel great and refreshed afterwards. I saw Chinese-Filipinos bowing excessively in front of the statue as I left.

There were no white kiamoys in the store so I bought a bag of black kiamoy. Returning to my bookcovers, I was surprised to see a 2 feet stack of 5x7 covers… It took a lot of muscles to carry it and I also bought a cane along the way since it was cheap. It was for my dad since he’s a cripple.
The day before that, I saw the Movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, which was boring and dull. Julia Roberts went to Rome to eat, then to India to “Meditate” not pray, Meditation and praying aren’t the same bananas.
Praying is a monologue whereas Meditation is a dialogue.
Meditation connects you to the supreme soul, at least that’s what they taught me. We are not encouraged to pray.
Going back to the movie, Roberts fell in “love” in Bali.

My conclusion to the movie is that Julia Roberts has commitment issues, as simple as that. She was commitment phobic, a one step forward-two-steps-back person as a friend of mine calls it before I introduced to her the words “Commitment-Phobia”. In the movie, Julia Roberts escaped her marriage quietly by packing up and leaving, a very common thing for commitment-phobic creatures. Slipping quietly through the back door like a thief in the night.
Then she had a relationship with James Franco which of course came crashing down quite similarly to her previous marriage. It wasn’t what she wanted, it’s a disorder most of us has. She called it quits for some sort of reason and began her soul searching journey.
I learned nothing from the movie.

I was going to the Philippine Heart Center but there was no time, I went back to my place in Diliman to leave the 4 kilo bookcover stack that threatened to break my arms.
The sun had started to set so I decided to have dinner in the UP Shopping center. I ate vegetarian bibimbab and sat in one of the tables. A girl sat in the same table as mine despite the next table being vacant, I gave her a smile and she returned it. We were sitting across from each other and if people didn’t know any better, they would have thought we were good friends or something.
Our food was served at the same time by the waitress, thinking we went to the place together.
We would sometime catch each other looking and would smile, eating quietly.
She left first and I finished my bibimbab. I realized people should get those kinds of relationships… just smile and mind your own business for the sake of world peace.

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