Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrating the Spring Equinox at Makati EchoYoga

Unfortunately, I arrived late since I was looking for the building and was lost. When I got to the place, people were already meditating. It was at the Penthouse of the Century Plaza building.
I waited for my friend Ella before I came in, there was also this girl who stuck with me since she said she was alone.
Ella was the one who invited me to go to the event to celebrate, I thought it was quite interesting, so I went with her. Turned out I knew more people in the event than she did so I didn’t have a hard time getting familiar.
We meditated a bit then after 30 minutes, the program was over. I thought it was going to be a whole night event… My friend Ella and I were sort of disappointed, Tim came in just when everyone was leaving.
We hanged with Beau a bit since he had to leave for work, we were all thinking of doing our own meditation session somewhere else, where we can really just enjoy the sudden tilt or change of the Universe.

Guess where this is…

The Lotus Floats on Murky Water

There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake that I didn't feel yesterday... Sigh, another earthquake I missed feeling. It's quite frustrating I've never felt an earthquake for years now.

My friend Ella said ever since the  Tsunami, she had changed her views in life.
Veronica: Everything we work for in this life will eventually turn to dust.
Ella: I realized how minuscule every problems and worries everyone has. So I just want to live a happy carefree life.
Tim: Yeah, that's why I quit my previous job, my boss was such a bitch!

Not everyone would realize that we are already at the precipice but for those who do and know what to do, then everything would be easy, lighter and less painful.
For those who worry about tomorrow, will be plagued today of something that hasn't happened yet.

What happened in Japan is a small event, more will come, worse... Are you prepared?

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