Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcoming the Vernal Equinox by Being Completely Unaware

The Vernal Equinox is an indicator of change, not only with the seasons but most of us regards this as a change of attitude and the way we live life as well. Apparently, the day this happened was yesterday and I was completely unaware.
It was a sunless day with thick clouds dominating the sky of Laguna, making it rather a gray day which is apt, the mood was perfect. I’ve decided to sort through my short story compilations and thought to print samples. I went to my other room (the one I used back in my childhood) only to find teardrop missing, then I remembered it was at Zeus’s place. I finished a few stories and went to his place, as usual he was sleeping. Waking him up took some effort and I actually thought he was dead.
Eventually, after doing every possible act of waking someone up such as opening either one of their eyelids and flailing his arms in the air, he woke up.
“I haven’t done the painting yet…” he said, the painting will serve as my book cover.
I waited a few seconds to answer “It’s alright…” Although it has been quite delayed, I know he’ll do it eventually. I don’t want to impose on anything but it’s imperative it be done. Is it because I’m incapable of getting mad and irritated or… I don’t like getting angry? Ah, it’s both.
I suppose Equanimity does suit me.
When he woke up we have decided to go out, he wanted to get a haircut and I wanted to buy a new yoga mat. After buying the yoga mat and having a haircut, we went to have coffee in one of the cafes nearby. We discussed my book cover, the lay out and the designs of the book. A month delayed…
I wouldn’t mind it getting delayed but there are those who have pre-ordered already. I just have to explain it well to them then. People, please be patient. It will be printed soon enough.

We had no idea it was the Vernal Equinox. I told myself I would clean and repaint my room but I guess I didn’t have the time. Perhaps next time. We had this conversation about people blaming others and people with creative talents who defy leading a mediocre life. And how to deal with women who are always PMS-ing…

Welcome! Full moon and the Equinox!
May all the lunatics go bonkers!!!
I didn’t see the moon everyone was raving about. So today, I will go to the Meditation Circe of light to celebrate.

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