Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Same-sex relationships in the Animal Kingdom

Let’s face it, same-sex relationship is just as natural as it is embedded in nature, it can never be cured since it is not a disease or disorder and gay people will never go away because people will keep on breeding them whether they know/want it or not.

Here’s a scoop from an article saying that
Same-sex relationships may play an important role in evolution

“Birds do it. Bees probably do it. No one's sure whether educated fleas do it. What they do is have same-sex relationships and, in a new review of published research on the subject, biologists have started to consider what it might mean for the evolution of the animals in question.
Nathan Bailey and Marlene Zuk, biologists at the University of California, Riverside, found that same-sex relationships were a universal phenomenon in the animal kingdom, seen in everything from worms to frogs to birds. "It's clear that same-sex sexual behavior extends far beyond the well-known examples that dominate both the scientific and popular literature: for example bonobos, dolphins, penguins and fruit flies," said Bailey.”

I now pronounce you - Rhino & Rhino

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