Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fate will lead you to Libreria

How do you find something that's quite obscured from sight?

There was no sign, no name on the window pane of a quaint bookstore almost located at the end of Cubao Expo. Most of the time the people who frequent CubaoEx do not even know it exists. So a question I posed to the owner How do people find your store? Confidently she smiled and said
“People who are meant to find it will one way or another get here”
Of course I believed I was pre-determined to discover this place. Even a single drop of dew from a cold morning has significance.

The place is a cool cozy place where one can hang-out, drink coffee or buy Vodka from the neighboring stores and drink inside the shop while reading Hemingway or Edgar Allan Poe. They have brewed coffee which only costs P50 with refills, what could be better than that?
The diversity of the book collection is quite astounding and most of them are sold at a fraction of a cost, even going for P50 for pre-loved books.
Most of the conversations I had in Libreria are meaningful ones and the people who frequent the place are never boring, there's always something interesting that catches my eyes and even staying in silence can be rewarding.

Recently I have been dropping by the place and have made it my new office, I get to have free wifi, unlimited coffee, AC and people whom I can have good conversations with. Sometimes when the nights are good, Triccie, the owner, would open a bottle of wine, death-defying marble brownies and since the season’s giving birth to tikoy, we had fried tikoy the other day. The marble brownies are for sale, I got first dibs for free.

Currently the Bookstore will be having a soiree for organizing a book-club this coming February 3, 5pm onwards. Exclusively for people who want to join, preferably people who love to read, loves to eat and to drink wine. I will also be reading one of my poems from an earlier collection for the soiree. Please bring wine or fruits for the event and also for the Chinese New Year celebration.

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