Monday, January 17, 2011

The new GirlFriend...

Yes, it was hard to sort of jump immediately into another relationship after Persephone (PSP) broke up with me, she had a busted memory since I took her well being for granted and didn’t handle her well enough and so our relationship had to end. I dropped her for the 467th time. Although of course I still have the will to patch things up and get things fixed but she got buried with all the things I’ve been doing recently. Maybe someday, I’ll gain the nerves to say hello once again, which will only come the need arise.
I thought perhaps I don’t need her as much. We haven’t touched for months, I wonder how her buttons are doing.

Moving on, I’ve always thought of something to help me out on my career. I’m not a fan of moleskin notebooks and the fact that I make personalized or customized notebooks has nothing to do with it. I am not proud of my handwriting but I do keep a journal and write whenever I can.

Meet the new girlfriend with Dual Core processor and a decent 250GB of hard disk memory and 2GB DDR3 memory, her name is Neomi, apparently she doesn’t have a last name so I wouldn’t mind giving her mine. Meet Neomi L*****, she’s quite uncomfortable with me sharing her vital statistics online but she’s decent and lovely if you ask me.
Doesn’t eat, doesn’t talk, loves music and movies, also reads ebooks and most importantly, she accompanies me with my writing and is very supportive of me finishing my projects. I don’t have to worry about taking her to fancy restaurants or even sharing the wine bottle with her and at least in this relationship only one will be having monthly PMS issues, which of course, I bet she can handle it pretty well.
No, drama, at least nothing will definitely start from her.

Mind you, it took me 2 days scouring up the stores in Megamall, MOA and Park Square 1 only to find this gorgeous beauty. I had second thoughts and doubts of really crossing the rubicon with this one and I weighed my options, imagined my future with her.
My previous relationship with Persephone wasn’t exactly painful, it wasn’t the thing that held me back into entering this relationship but rather, there was this fear that held me…
Getting Neomi was quite a big decision and I’m not into making big decisions.
It was said that commitment phobic people such as I am (I’m not proud, honestly) most often than not have hard times making big decisions. Big decisions include buying a car, house, iPad or any electric gadget despite the fact that they have invested so much for the purchase or preparation. I have hard times even just by deciding what to eat from the menu, it’s troubling.
But this move I did over the weekend of not letting the fear over come me is one of my baby steps into busting out my phobia… That solved my solution for this year, next move to disperse my phobia will be next year.

My weekends and after-work hours will now then be dedicated to finishing my writing projects. Ugh… dead line.

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