Monday, January 24, 2011

How to achieve Vegan Powers

I was rather excited to start my year with the movies I’ve always wanted to see.  I thought I was going to start it with SAW6 but a friend of mine who was going to lend it to me probably had forgotten about it. I downloaded the movie in our office. I thought it was alright to download anything in the office but then my boss asked me why my bandwidth exceeded 2GB in 2 days when the articles I send doesn’t even exceed 1MB. After that, I refrained from downloading anything from our office.

I had a great start with -

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Currently holds my no. 1 position under MOVIES for the year of 2011. It’s a must watch and I really enjoyed every minute of the story. If my life were a movie, it would be this one.
The movie kicks off with a guy most of the geeks could probably relate to, in which I did. Although I’m not exactly scrawny or in a band, the story revolves around Scott who must fight his new girlfriend’s 7 evil-exes. Cholo, a friend of mine, mentioned that the comic book was hilarious but the movie was also amazing.
The movie restored the quirky videogame sound effects which can easily be referenced to Super Mario Brothers from the SNES console and other popular Nintendo games from the ‘90s. Who wouldn’t forget Mario’s 1up sound effects? Aside from awesome nostalgic sounds, the movie also expressed it s decent graphic effects reminiscent from classic comic books, the words POW, BLAM and others to appear smoothly during the scenes. There are a lot of retarded scenes that I loved, especially the part where the drummer girl would shoot herself in the head with her fingers formed as though a gun and the words BLAM would appear then she would drop dead.

Most of all the characters’ sense of humor captured the teen sarcasm and whimsical personalities of the teens and early adolescents. The stereo-typing was done in a hilarious way, throwing in gay and lesbians, vegans, action-stars and so much more. What caught my attention was the Chinese Ex-girlfriend stereo type, it affirmed my conclusion that Chinese girls are crazy especially if you dated them. Then again, I know it’s a wrong judgment, I only dated one Chinese girl and she’s not even full, she’s half Chinese/Filipino and I hope she goes back to Hong Kong for good after she graduates college this year, so she could stop creating havoc and drama all over the place. Scratch the judgment, I’m sure there are nice and sweet Chinese girls out there. I’ll just avoid dating them to be certain they remain nice and sweet.
Unfortunately, this movie wasn’t shown in the Philippines. However, we are Filipinos – We are smart enough to find ways and see this retardedly-awesome movie. Go and see it!

I would really love to read the comic book but I don't have the time, perhaps when I finish my projects! :B

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