Saturday, January 8, 2011

Retreating to the northern mountains

After long hours of journey, I finally arrived at the Bus Terminal, where my friend, Clarice has been waiting. Thankfully after several times of visiting, this time she came first.  Stepping out of the bus gave me the feeling that I was in a strange land, but a strange land quite familiar. A southern like me still feels peculiar in these places.

Taking a few steps from the bus’s door I heard a voice call out from behind and as I turned I saw my friend in a gray hooded jacket and pink tube undergarment, a pair of pants and walking shoes. I was quite veggie headed all day and had no idea how I came about with things. I would say words I barely understand and type in sentences that barely made sense… I was afraid I’m having aphasia.

Focusing on the moment, we greeted each other with a friendly hug “You’re wearing PE?!” she exclaimed and as I remembered I didn’t have clothes anymore therefore I wore the PE shirt a friend of mine gave me back in college, aside from the sentimental bitter memories this shirt has, I like this shirt for its fit and comfort. “Yeah, I am. Dovie gave it to me” I said and mentioned a name I haven’t spoken for so many years “It’s alright, I’m wearing a hound’s tooth coat” I wore the coat over the shirt since the season has become quite chilly. “I like your coat…” she said “So catcher in the rye right?” I replied.
“You’re leaving that here” she said “What?!” I gave out quite a repulsed reaction, which only my closest friends have the luxury to witness. “No way!”
We met one of her friend who was a yoga instructor.
We had dinner at subway, where I only had cocoa and a cookie while she had the veggie delight sandwich and went to their place after having quite a long talk and interesting conversation about my landlady.
“There’s a party tomorrow, did you bring clothes?” my friend asked (It's her sister's birthday)
“Yes, I did…” I answered.
“My sister and her girlfriend don’t know you’re here.” She added
“Great…” my mischievous smile emerged.

Arriving at their place, I was bitten by their male dog Black, Once on the hand and once on the leg, it wasn't deep to cause injury. However it was awfully weird of him doing that since I've been here for at least a couple of times. The dogs each time I come back keep on increasing in numbers, White, a female dog with dalmatian blood had given birth to puppies once again but only a black-brown-white puppy was now left. 
I gave him the name Alto although I would have liked Delmonico, but they complained about the name's length. They own 2 dutch-hounds, princess and yulu, a german-shepherd couple, Mac and Virka, White and Black which is an additional 2 with Alto makes a total of 7 dogs. 

The next day came and apparently we woke up quite early, I could have slept again but I felt quite rested anyway and thought I might as well move around at 6am. Clarice had to cook and prepare for the party and I thought, perhaps I could help out. After a serving of peanut butter sandwich and another with cream cheese and pickles an hour later, I was recharged and ready for the day.

Each morning, whenever I visit, I make it a point to pet the dogs and walk Virka. Then I wash my hands and arms for they're most probably seem as though they were dipped in dog-drool.

After trying to help a bit around the kitchen, I have decided to relax and watch The girl with the dragon tattoo.
I visit my friend a couple of times a year in the mountain ranges of Olongapo City. Her mom is a Vegan and she is a vegetarian :)

She owns a catering Business called Fidro's. They cater to parties, gatherings and any occasions. She cooks, bakes and churns, all of these she works with love.
She make terrific Cheese Cakes.

For food and catering services around Olongapo and Subic Area...
Contact Clarice 09163982941 Please don't  call after office hours. Much appreciated. 

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