Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Strange case of...

My first flame, or shall we call, tween-lover just got married last December.
I would have loved to see her walk down the aisle, nonetheless she has my best wishes.
Once again, I have Facebook to thank for certain announcements such as assassins committing the procedure of their work with a snapshot and this, her wedding photos.
Of all the people I actually adored, she was nice, gentle, she was sensitive in a good way and very kind although I couldn’t appreciate her sense of humor sometimes... other than that she’s quite a terrific person. We shared dreams that were inevitably thrown into the darkest pits of oblivion, which is perfectly fine.

Marriage such as this one, required a faithful commitment does it not? It brought me to the idea of the root cause of my spontaneous walking out of relationships and other misdemeanors, together with that profound amazement of demoralization and the reduced satisfaction of Aristotle’s “Eureka”… I am commitmentphobic.

It is quite a misconception that people who are afraid of commitments are only afraid to get hurt.

If you think people who’re afraid of commitments are those who really know what it means and or that they are simply afraid to get hurt, I suggest you read more. The information you have gathered is quite lacking. “Blackle” it even if you will…
I have, for your convenience, enabled the link to wikipedia for your reading pleasure.

Our current society breeds myriad varieties of human species, therefore my case is not exactly as engrossing as anyone else. I suppose it’s good that I’m aware… rather than stumbling through life without knowing. 

I'm not really a jerk, i'm just suffering from a personality disorder. 

Congratulations Lev. I wish you the best.

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