Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now lives in UP Bliss

And I am now living in UP Bliss. The miserable landlady just couldn’t find her happiness so her embittered life seeks to embitter others but she messed with the wrong person or shall I say persons? I was fine with moving out and leaving the place, I asked a couple of friends if I could borrow a suitcase to put my stuff in and my friend said he could lend me a few, he also offered to help me pack up. 

So we met in Gateway and there I explained everything on what happened. The landlady lent money to a friend of mine and apparently my friend didn’t pay her completely back and so her lack of logical reasoning compelled her to transfer the debt to me, she wants me to take responsibility on what happened when in fact she should have asked vital information first before lending anyone money. She didn’t even ask for my friend’s name when she handed the money and I wasn’t there as well and then she wants me to pay it back. She’s setting herself up for a huge heartbreak then is shocked and hurt when the expected happens. What a douche…

 Apparently her brain hasn’t completely grown yet, that’s not the only thing that hasn’t really grown with her body but moving on I don’t owe her anything as far as anyone’s concerned. She told me to leave the money with the maids since she doesn’t want to be there when I’m packing and taking my sweet release. I told her perhaps we can talk about it and the troll refused, even called me insensitive then she expressed how pissed she was that I’m having fun with my life and enjoying it. That’s the difference between us, I’m happy – she’s miserable. 

Funny thing was when she was texting me about how I should move out, instead of feeling a sense of dread, I was laughing in our office. Thank you Equanimity. I didn’t care if she won't give my deposit back, I wanted out of that place for a long time, I was just consuming the last days that was already paid for.
Meeting my friend at gateway, as planned, we took the MRT at around 6:40PM. While waiting for the train to arrive I realized my friend was a male… then the train arrived and that we had to get in the commons car.
Brambleberry: I seriously wished you were a girl right at this moment (Glances at the front cars for women/handicapped/senior citizens/privileged lesbians)

Friend: I know right? (Car door opens and a swarm of people tries to get in and out, making the door seem quite puny and small)
Brambleberry: Argh! This is worse than getting kicked out of CGS!! D: (And it was, packing out of CGS was a breeze)

We spent the next few minutes in forced *Dr. Kwak-Kwak yoga positions with strangers breathing to our necks and armpits. That was one of the rarest moments I ever took the commons car, last time was when the same friend and I went to divisoria, which wasn’t as bad as this one if I remember correctly and that was a year ago.

Arriving at Shaw Blvd. Station, it was a miracle we could still walk and stand straight. We went to CGS, waited a bit since I didn’t have the key to the unit since my landlady changed the locks and didn’t even have the decency to give me a spare key but honestly I didn’t expect much coming from her.

My friend and I started packing in a gay manner and no stress at all. The guard did slow us down a bit but released us anyhow. The sasquatch landlady told me to leave 1k in which I don’t really understand since she owe me more than that for my deposit, she texted me a message of what seemed to be a computation of some sort with the debt of my other friend but I couldn’t grasp it since it was in Jejemon.

I don’t speak and understand jejemon unfortunately and my friend said I shouldn’t leave her any amount at all. Which is just true, the landlady was truly delusional.
Conclusion in a big shell: Delusional people get hurt a lot.

Smoothly without breaking a sweat a taxi came over the building and so we left quickly, I tried the admin of CGS to report the illegal landlady however the admin was already closed, I don’t know if I should report it but a lot of friends of mine told me I should, I know it’s the right thing to do too. Up to now I still haven’t reported it, so perhaps tomorrow.

After loading my things to UP Bliss, which I must add, was my lesbian-aunt’s-life-partner’s-sister’s place. I treated my friend with coffee in Maginhawa.
The retarded landlady, after discovering that I didn’t leave her claimed money, was so enraged she tried calling me and sent me a message that didn’t really manage to sink in my memory, fortunately my mobile phone fell into a comatose. She started calling my friend’s number since we called her earlier on the phone for her to speak with the guard at the lobby building. 

Unfortunately for her, my friend was in the mood to get his mean-bitch fix this month and well the landlady turned out to be his virtual punching bag. Now he has someone to annoy in the future. He was actually “kilig” during their exchange of text messages.

Friend: Are you like Om Shanti right now?
Brambleberry: Yeah, I don’t really care. (Pretty much my mood most of the time)
Friend: Can you like really be mean this moment and just do your Om Shanti later?

They had a wonderful text messaging conversation, it was FLIP-TOP TEXT Message Edition and as expected my friend had succeeded. Such feeble minded lady does not stand a chance, I felt sorry for her. She’s just so miserable, bitter, unhappy and lonely.

Friend: You’re landlady is one retarded crazy bitch.
Brambleberry: She makes a good writing material (smiles, the bright side)

I am now happily staying at my aunt’s place in UP Bliss and very much enjoying it. I am currently abusing Trinoma’s sluggish excuse for a wifi connection and working remotely.

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