Monday, January 10, 2011

Attack of the lesbians...

Hm, after waking up half dazed from a night filled with wine and lesbians… my mornings just keep getting better.

And no, it’s not what you think.

Last saturday night was my friend’s sister’s birthday celebration and there was a dinner party. It wasn’t just any… dinner party.
The evening started as:
Brambleberry (Moi): Why are we sitting here?? (Looks around and found herself in the middle)
Clarice: Yeah, we’re in the center of attention/attraction. Everyone’s taking pictures of us. We’re like celebrities!! (Flashes coming from everywhere)
Brambleberry: That’s not what I meant, there are lesbian couples on my left and on my right! (Smiles for the photos)
Clarice: (Laughs) Yes! You’re right, you’re the only single lesbian here! (My friend is straight)
Brambleberry: This dinner party is SO lesbian, is this why you invited me here?… Yes, I know I’m a public temptation and I’d like to keep it that way.
**The party was so… lesbian, vegetarian food were also served.
Carlo, the yoga instructor and also a dolphin trainer (I learned a bit later on) was puzzled with the lesbian couple on our left.
He told us that he didn’t knew Tita Teng(One of the guests who was the mother of one of the lesbian couples) had two daughters. She introduced the lesbian couple to Carlo.
Carlo: I thought you just have one daughter??
Tita Teng: No… I have two…
Carlo: How so? (Very confused, it appeared he didn’t have gaydar)
Tita Teng: Oh, it’s complicated.
Uh huh.. complicated hehe. Tita Teng is one proud mother by the way, err, maybe not.
A bit later on, Clarice, Carlo and I were sitting at a table and to our right would be the lesbian couples and to our left were the yogis, most of them at least the age of 45 and one of them was Tita Teng. I thought the night wasn’t as gay as I thought, the videoke machine was all the rage for the yogis. Suddenly one of them holding the songbook gave the microphones to where the lesbian couples were sitting and said “Oh ano kakantahin nyo? Pagdating ng Panahon?!”
That effing line killed me to death with laughter.
After hearing that, my friend mentioned that one of the lesbian in those couples had an ex-girlfriend who looked exactly like Aiza Seguera. Wine almost shot out of my nose.
Apparently, conversations about Aiza Seguera were expounded.
My friend’s mom said Seguera sings well.
Clarice:  Yes, she sings from the heart. With love (She looked at me when she mentioned love with a sheepish smile)
Brambleberry: Love? What’s that? (Totally clueless, )

In the party there was a guy who’s called “Tibo”, “Tibs” for short and to make matters even more genuine, my friend’s dad’s name is “Butch”.

And so I must cut this pretty lesbian evening short since Clarice and Carlo have started to unearth my dating life. I went to bed after a few glasses of sangria around 2am in the morning.

Still in Zambales for the week, it seems that my cough has gotten worse over the weekend.

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