Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close your eyes and pretend you’re blind to hear for the very first time...

It took me a few days to finally get “The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath”, NOT the book… but the audio-book, narrated my Maggie Gyllenhaal. Since the book in Libreria was sold out immediately, the book and the special edition book much to my disdain, but of course I didn’t quite fret on it. 

The introduction of the audiobook was a tune from a piano that sounded as a dreamy sadness invading my ear passages from both ends, then the voice of Maggie uttering over the music “It was a queer sultry summer…”
I closed my eyes as the sound flooded my ear canals and let my mind follow the flow of spoken images and let the emotions take over.

What a magnificent experience…

 Spoiling this for anyone is a crime... so I won't. 


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  1. audio book would be nice more importantly when your hands are busy (wink)