Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recite in a drunken stupor...

It’s been a week.

Apparently I haven’t been able to update my beloved blog, I have been quite busy on trying to work on the story compilation and the novel I’m working on that has a looming deadline and I’m not exactly going to win the race basing on how things are quite doing as of the moment.

No, I’m not exactly a fan of Valentine’s day so I didn’t exactly celebrate it. A friend of mine from Cubao Expo did mention that I don’t seem like the person to celebrate a Hallmark Holiday. “You’re like a hipster who don’t give a shit about mainstream crap like this” he said, in which I would like to agree but that would be labeling myself far too much. A lot of people would have treated the day as nothing more than an ordinary day, which it really is but then again I suppose spending it with my friends and just myself, would have been a nice change. My last two previous V-days were spent with the same person and a plus one on the last Vday… Thanks for the eep-ing memories.

We went to Libreria to celebrate it with the favorite people we love having conversations with and then headed to the Poetry Reading event at a bar in Xavierville. The Poetry reading event was great, I think it was just apt that I warmed myself up by drinking a bottle of wine before going to the place then maintain the drunken stupor with malt beverage and Tanduay Ice.
I had harboring feelings of hi-jacking the microphone and reciting one of my poems…

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