Monday, February 7, 2011

Vegetarian Junk Diet

Last Sunday I woke up in the afternoon and since there wasn’t anything to eat, I ate noodles. I bought Seafood Chowmien and ate it. Officially, I ate a few grams of artificial crab meat, but I didn’t eat all of the crab meat in the noodles of course.

I know I shouldn’t really be wasting time since I have a lot of deadlines and writings to do but I have office work the next day. Waking up in the afternoon’s not really my thing so I thought I would have to tire myself out in order to sleep well tonight.
Although for me, jogging is not exactly a good thing anymore… For the first time in a very long time I wore my jogging pants from college and wore my Woodstock 1969 sweatshirt and explored UP Diliman.
I wore a towel and since I didn’t want to hold it or put in my pocket, I wore the towel around my neck as though a cravat and zipped my sweatshirt just enough to fit it snuggly. I went out of my Tita’s gates with confidence. I really thought I should sweat it out that afternoon, I’m still aiming for a Surfer’s body since Summer is looming in.
Every step I took that moment was filled with determination.
Name: Veronica
 Age: 23
Occupation: Writer
Attire: All geared up for jogging
Location: In the Woods, UP Diliman
Conclusion: Will eat my orange afterwards

The only thing that was waiting to happen was a man with a rifle and shoot at me, then it will as if I were Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, at least one of my favorite scenes when he was gunned by someone.

I told myself to take it easy and I would jog for 5 minutes and walk for 3 minutes, checking my heart rate once in a while. I wanted to check out the Shopping center, I jogged around looking for it until I got lost. I didn’t want to ask for directions but I did anyway. 
It took me 45 minutes to get there and when I saw people selling Kwek-Kwek (Deep Fried Quail Eggs in Batter), like a man in a dessert to an oasis I zoomed and ordered. I also ordered Cheese sticks, which were also deep fried and had buko juice for my beverage.
So much for jogging, the meal I suppose nullified my 45 minute work-out. For a writer, I’m not expected to actually have a fit body, I used to work-out in gyms before, do football, practice muay-thai and others until a year ago when I discovered something was wrong with this body of mine which rendered me from restless to perpetual-rest, from abs to flabs…
I checked and looked around the place for a bit then took the jeep back to UP Bliss, drank water and ate something healthy finally for the day, an orange fruit, sliced, ready for eating.
It was around 8 in the evening when I arrived so I went back to what I usually do on my free time, after taking a bath I reviewed my novel and some chapters, edited the poem to be submitted and wrote another poem. I thought of reading The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr so I gazed at the book for a minute, I looked at the hardbound book that was so huge it doesn’t fit my bag. This is one of the times where I wished I had a kindle, that piece of book must have weighed kilos...
I slept around 10:30 after a friend of mine called on the phone, I reflected on what happened in the last 24 hours before retiring and realized that I’ve just had a vegetarian junk diet, not to mention a few bottles of booze. I forgave myself for eating a few grams of faux-crab meat and eating quail eggs then swore to never repeat what I ate that day excluding the orange. 

I should really eat healthier food no matter the circumstances.
It's not easy to be a vegetarian, but I think it would be harder to put a piece of meat in my mouth now.

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  1. I find myself eating what's available so long as I'm not consuming any meat. ^_^