Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are not aimless – The last day of exhibit.

I am re-writing this since I deleted the first blog I wrote for this, sigh…
Anyhows, on the fated day last Saturday, February 5, 2011. I remember very well that the night before was quite interesting, I hanged out at Libreria once again and met with friends. Zeus was in town since he has a lot of things to do for the Meiday Meiday event and he asked me to go to his artist talk around 1pm at WhiteSpace Makati.
So we decided to meet in Cubao, once again he was late. So he bought me two apple pies from mcdonalds. It is times such as these that my being punctual, really saves the day and my pockets and I love apple pies.

We took a cab from Cubao to WhiteSpace and we went upstairs to the We Are Not Aimless exhibit room. The talk did begin after waiting for the others. When we were in the cab, I didn’t really have any idea what we were going to do. But I missed his exhibit opening for some surfing fun a few weeks ago so somehow, I’m atoning it by going with him that day and it was fun.
Most of the people who attended the talk were students, some were even high-school students.
Perhaps I was the only professional who was part of the audience. Honestly it was boring, especially when Weewill Doodle started showing off their commissioned works but I found what Marcus Nada and Zeus discussed quite useful. I just don’t think one should go through the effort of creating a powerpoint presentation with the word FUN and showing it to the kids. What I did was, I tried to continue writing on my laptop and maybe add a little more on the short story compilations I was making.

I also took webcam photos through Neomi's eye. It was interesting, it wasn't so bad at all.

This is me, feigning pensiveness over boredom

After the talk we went to Cubao Expo, thank you Marcus for giving us a ride. 

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