Friday, February 4, 2011

Giving birth to The Cultured Club

The Libreria Book Soirée was wonderful and was a success, nothing beats having great conversations with a diversely cultured and interesting set people, while holding a glass of wine and munching on fruits and chocolate bars.

This bookshop is totally a different kind of its own, last night we even had a tango session and was able to learn a few moves. I make it a point that I come over after work and read a few books that would help me out with my career. I also don't mind learning a few things.

If you have a lot of books that you want to sell, you can bring them over at Libreria Cubao Expo. The shop is next to Junkie shop and near Mogwai.
Majority of the Books here are new and some are pre-loved. Despite being new, books here are sold at low prices. To the owner, this is more of a hobby and less of a business.

Over the duration of the night, we have come up with the bookclub name and I have suggested
the name “Very-Much-Cultured-BookClub”, apparently they found it very long and was shortened to “The Cultured Club”. Soirées will be held monthly I think and everything and anything can be shared, from what ever you are reading to what ever you are doing. The people who joined the club prove to be people of characters and talents.

The Cultured Club Soirées from here after will never start without a bottle of wine.
Do you love books? Wine? Great meaningful conversations?
Visit us at Libreria Cubao Expo. Sip Coffee for only P50, read a book and chat with the witty owner and her regular customers.

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