Friday, February 18, 2011

Terebi + Veggie Longganisa

Despite my busy schedule I still try to watch a few TV series whenever I can and well, I would really prefer those that have Lesbians in them however, if the series proves something to watch then even if there is absolutely no lesbian related things then I would definitely watch it.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really busy… or is it simply an excuse for me not to do the things I ought to.

Over the weekend I made vegetarian longganisa back in Laguna and I have finally watched the TV series a friend of mine burned and lent me. I felt sort of sorry not being able to watch it since it was given with the thought and intention of sharing something and I really appreciate that, it’s been with me for a month and I still haven’t seen a minute of it.
I need to redo the veggie longganisa, it wasn’t exactly as appetizing as I wanted them to be but at least I had something to take with me to Quezon City. I wouldn’t have to worry about what I’ll be having for a meal even just for a day. 

Pretty Little Liars

It reeked of tween-spirit. Definitely not something I would include in my TV series collection, although the character playing the confused teen-lesbian was cute I couldn’t stand staring at it longer than the 4th episode. I wonder if I should simply return it to my friend…
I didn’t like the idea of a shadow of a deceased girl haunting them in the absurdist manner, the perfect stalker perhaps who can stalk all four people at the same time, who has no life whatsoever but takes utter pleasure in annoying others. So what's at stake here? Their privacy?? Seriously... 
Not my thing… Not even their pretty faces can convince me to shot my precious glance at them anymore.
I’m sorry, you are better off to the grave. Rest in Peace.

After that I thought I’d rather just feed my cat and give my dogs a bath. Since the day was still quite early, I started to write a poem and reviewed my novel then I realized I missed watching my favorite Japanese Lesbian TV series…

Last Friends

Not exactly popular with any of my friends, I think I’m the only one who knew about it. I knew about it since I’m such an Utada Hikaru fan and it was she who sang the opening for the TV series, her song titled Prisoner of Love from 2009, love the song, I love most of her songs..

The series revolves around a circle of friends who live in one house, they call it a share-house where people share the rent and have their own rooms. A twisted love story, with a lesbian trying to confront herself and come out, a milksop of a man who fell in love with the wrong person and a Princess needing rescue from her own Prince Charming.

The series I believe only has 13 episodes, typical of any Japanese TV drama but it delivers and…
A hot motocross lesbian superstar! (The series got me with hot motocross lesbian superstar really)

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