Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can you feel my...?

I’ve been hooked by Utada Hikaru’s 2nd English album, I loved her first English album as well but the song in her second English album gave me a mind-blowing mental f*ck, pardon I don’t use the “f” word at all.

Her album “This is the one” was released back in 2009 and if one would grab my iPod shuffle and listen through my songs, Utada will never be without in it. Apparently Filipinos only know her “First love” single since it sounds so sweet and somehow heart breaking, which was remade by Toni Gonzaga and really, it can’t compare to the original. Her “Automatic” single also swept the Philippine nation back in the 90s… I wonder why, since majority of the Filipinos don’t even know how to speak and understand Japanese. Then again, Kpop songs and Chinese pop songs were the rage…

I know Japanese, at least a bit. I can get the gist when listening and I can speak the basics or a little. I never bought any of her albums, but my Japanese friend back in college was nice enough to give me her “Distance” Album. I told myself I will buy all of her albums but they were sort of hard to get by.
Utada Hikaru’s music videos are always creative and are very interesting, even if she were simply singing and washing her dishes or the very fascinating music video of Sakura Drops that took my breath away and gave me wild ideas.

It was rumored that Utada Hikaru will be retiring soon. It made me sad that there will no longer be new creations from her and I love her so. I even told myself I would go to Japan and marry her, I have never been to any concert in my life and if there’s a concert I would be attending, it would be none other than hers. I also haven’t been to any concert since I am not fond of dealing and seeing a lot of people all in one cramped up place.

Goodbye Hikki… you shall be missed dearly.

This is one of her songs that has a whole album of remixes! This one I liked best from her 2nd English album "Dirty Desire"
When I'm alone at night,
I sit and Fantasize
And in my fantasies I loved you long time
Doing my 9 to 5, I'm thinking 6 and 9s
I've got to make you mine
Can you feel my
Dirty Desire
I never knew she could be so naughty...


  1. Didn't even hear about her second English album coming out. Listened to all her albums, both Japanese and English, except this one. Last I heard she was going on an indefinite hiatus from music.

  2. Yeah, I have her 2nd English album. It's quite interesting but I loved her 1st English album better.
    I don't think she should go anywhere far from music...